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Apart from the celebrations and the reminiscing, New Years Eve has always been about looking forward to the coming year. A start line for all the healthy lifestyle changes we want to make to kick off the New Year as positively as possible. But often, the resolutions that last are the most simple. Follow these 5 simple resolutions to help you welcome the New Year … and the New You.


It sounds simple but washing your hands often can significantly reduce your chances of catching a cold and spreading viruses. Wash your hands with soapy and water when ever you get the chance and always after coming into physical contact with someone who is suffering with cold or flu.

TOP TIP: When travelling on public transport it is near impossible to avoid coming in contact with other people’s germs. Conveniently sized antibacterial sanitizers such as Milton Hand Gel fit in your bag/pocket, kill bacteria and viruses and don’t require water so can be used anywhere.


Hectic schedules and busy lifestyle make finding the time to eat properly near impossible. It’s no surprise that 4 in every 10 people in the UK suffer from digestive discomfort. Your stomach is your own personal furnace, taking the time out to plan your day and eat healthy ensures that you are running at peak performance.

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Stub out that last cigarette and give up smoking for good. Just eight hours after quitting, the nicotine and carbon monoxide levels in your body are reduced by half and you will start feeling the benefits of being a non smoker. Preparing for the side effects of quitting, as well as the withdrawal symptoms, will increase your chances of success.

TOP TIP: It can come as a shock to many smokers when their cough gets worse after they quit smoking. New Covonia Catarrh Relief Formula actively works by reducing the amount of catarrh your body produces - attacking the cause, not just the symptoms and ridding you of that nasty cough.


It’s never too soon to start chilling out as constant stress will affect your short term and long term health. Set time aside time each evening to do an activity that relaxes you and helps you forget about the tensions of your day.

TOP TIP: If you are ever feeling particularly stressed out, taking Rhodiola Rosea capsules from Holland & Barrett can help to relieve anxiety and depression and aid your relaxation.


Sleeping badly makes getting through the day a struggle and affects your relationships, productivity and even your sex life. Experts believe it is the quality rather than quantity of sleep we get that helps us wake up feeling refreshed each morning. Get into a regular routine of going to be and waking at the same time each day, avoid drinking caffeine at least 4 hours before sleep and turn your phone off each night to prevent any unwelcome disruptions.

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November 2007

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