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Festive food is ‘famous’ for making you feel full and bloated. Our digestive systems simply can’t cope with larger, richer meals and we end up feeling tired and bloated. Not to mention the added discomfort of acid reflux.

Lack of Enzymes

Digestive enzymes are necessary for complete digestion and are produced naturally by our bodies. But our modern diet – typically devoid of natural enzymes – and the ageing process mean that most people over the age of 35 are running low on digestive enzymes. (How many older people do you know who can’t digest their food well?)

Digestion wears you out!

The process of digestion generates more free radicals than any other bodily function and depletes our stores of natural anti-oxidants making us feel tired after meals. A diet low in natural enzymes adds to this burden by forcing the pancreas to work harder to generate digestive enzymes. This organ is then unable to fulfil its other important role: to produce important systemic and immune system enzymes. It is well known that in the period after a heavy meal we are more susceptible to bacterial/viral attack. Over time, the pancreas simply wears out, leaving you susceptible to more damaging energetic, hormonal and metabolic breakdown. Put simply: premature ageing and chronic illnesses.

Supplementing with natural digestive enzymes

Supplementing with natural digestive enzymes not only quickly eliminates digestion and assimilation problems, it allows the pancreas to recover, which in turn improves your entire physiology.

Best natural enzyme

Enzymes from the Aspergillus fungus are the most effective since they function best at body temperature and in environments ranging from pH 3.0 to pH 9.0. This makes them the only enzymes that are active in the acidic, basic and neutral tracts of the intestine. By comparison, products and enzymes typically marketed as anti-acid or indigestion remedies only work in the acid environment of the stomach – thus they may solve one symptom but fail to address the real cause of poor digestion.

How do I find Aspergillus derived enzymes?

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You will feel the difference after your first meal and need never reach for indigestion remedies again!

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Notes to editors on enzymes

Enzymes catalyse and regulate all biological reactions within an organism. Digestive enzymes, such as protease, amylase, lipase, and lactase, are a sub-class of body enzymes.

Various problems are directly associated with poor food digestion; allergies, autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. It is well known that molecular fragments of ingested food, primarily protein fragments, recycle through the intestinal membrane, and over time can trigger a series of immune reactions that may first give rise to allergies and later to severe inflammatory autoimmune disorders. In these cases, digestive enzyme supplements can be valid therapeutic aids. It has been shown that enzyme therapy is effective for preventing the formation of the circulating immune complexes (CICs) that cause the chronic intestinal inflammation typical of pathologies such as colitis and Crohn’s disease.*

Generally, digestive enzyme deficiencies severely impair our immune system over time. The supplementation of Aspergillus-derived digestive enzymes not only shows beneficial and direct effects on digestion, but has powerful indirect effects on immune function thereby halting the vicious circle whereby the lack of enzymes in ingested food causes considerable stress on the pancreas and, concomitantly a reduction in its immune functions. These immune functions are further impaired by undigested macromolecules, which are the result of poor digestion. In turn, this phenomenon also increases pancreatic stress and thereby pancreatic immune and digestive functions; and so forth …

*G.Stauder, K.Ransberger, et al., On the Use of Hydrolytic Enzymes as Adjuvant Therapy in AIDS/ARC/LAS Patients, Biomedicine et Pharmacotherapie, 1988, 42: 31-34.

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