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Month after month of long dark nights and short, cold days can really take its toll on your health. Lack of exercise, comfort eating and chilly weather can all compromise your immune system and leave you feeling below par. Luckily, Boots is on hand with a range of health products to help keep you happy and healthy well throughout the last winter months.

A herbal helping hand
Echinacea contains several natural compounds that are thought to help stimulate the body’s immune system, helping it to beat bugs. Boots Echinacea capsules (£5.55 for 60) are derived from the highest quality Echinacea available and are standardized to ensure that you receive a guaranteed 150mg of Echinacea per capsule.

‘C’ in the New Year with a bang
Being indoors all winter means we are more likely to be in close contact with people and their germs, leaving us more vulnerable to infection. Boots Feel The Difference Ester-C tablets (£8.99 for 60) can offer the very best in immune support to help you start the New Year with a bang, not a bug! A patented high-strength, non-acidic formulation of vitamin C, Ester-C is gentler on the stomach and can remain active in the body for round the clock protection when you need it most.

New, improved protection
Zinc is important to help the body resist infection and maintain a healthy immune system, but it is sometimes difficult to obtain high enough levels from foods, particularly when you may have been eating winter comfort foods for the last three months! Boots Zinc capsules (£3.05 for 60) now uses zinc citrate, which can be absorbed more easily by the body to ensure that the immune system receives a high level of support from our very best quality ingredients.

Keep bugs away the ‘friendly’ way
It may be beneficial to take a probiotic supplement during the winter months, when the digestive system comes under strain from stodgy foods and nights in front of the television. Many studies suggest that probiotic supplements can help heighten immunity, and maintain a healthy digestive balance. Boots Feel The Difference Probiotic and Prebiotic capsules (£7.99 for 30) contains four billion ‘healthy’ bacteria, with added prebiotics to provide the bacteria with food. Unlike live probiotics in liquid form, such as those available on the supermarket shelf, Boots Feel the Difference Probiotic and Prebiotic (£7.99 for 30) contains bacteria in a suspended state, thereby guaranteeing a useful level of bacteria in every capsule.


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