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Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), holds the key to fertility

Infertility causes misery for thousands of women and for those pursing expensive and often unsuccessful courses of IVF trying to get pregnant can come at a high cost both emotionally and financially.

With only a twenty per cent success rate for conventional treatments like IVF, many women are turning to other medical disciplines to help them get pregnant. Dr Song Xuan Ke is a fertility expert whose Asanté clinic is affiliated with the Middlesex University and London’s Whittington Hospital. Dr Ke is one of the world’s leading practioners and teachers of TCM and has helped many women, including some celebrities, become pregnant using TCM.

Dr Ke uses TCM to look at the whole woman and to discover why she is not conceiving and helps her to prepare her body and get it to the optimum state of health and balance. In western medicine doctors only look for the physical cause of infertility, whether it is blocked fallopian tubes, fibroids, ovarian cysts or other causes that prevent women conceiving. Often, there is nothing medically wrong with either partner and yet the woman is still unable to conceive which can be both painful and frustrating for those desperate to have children.

Dr Ke explains that TCM has a different view of what causes infertility; in order to treat problem it first investigates why those problems exist in the first place.

“Chinese medicine is very successful in treating fertility problems. I focus on the woman, her body’s condition and gynecological condition. If woman is generally healthy then she should be fertile and in the majority of problems there is nothing wrong, but most women nowadays lives are very stressful and many leave it late to start family and their gynecological functions starting decreasing and then they start having problems”, comments Dr Ke.

Some of the problems that hinder conception which Dr Ke can help with are hormonal imbalances, like polycystic ovaries, menstrual problems, endometriosis etc.

Dr Ke and his team at The Asanté Clinic uses TCM to prepare the body by stimulating and balancing it by opening the meridians so that the energy flows through the body that in turn normalises the menstrual cycle making the gynaecological organs work better.

Dr Ke offers patients a comprehensive treatment, which may include changing diet, and using herbs. Length of treatment depends on age and health. Some patients see Dr Ke once a week, or once a month, acupuncture once every two weeks, it depends on cycle and the problems.

“When we help with fertility problems we always intend to get the body healthy, before we try and help a woman conceive, it’s like preparing the body for the seed,” says Dr Ke.


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Editors Notes:

A Centre for professional training and excellence in TCM

Asante also offers training in all aspects of TCM, including a professional course in Tuina Massage, Acupuncture training for G.P.'s and Nurses, and Short Introductory courses and workshops. Many of our doctors and teachers are leading experts in their own specialities in Chinese Medicine. Their depth of understanding and breadth of knowledge, coupled with their distinctively Chinese perspective make the training experience at Asanté a particularly unique and authentic one.

A Centre for quality TCM treatment and healthcare

Since its opening in 2000 the Asanté Academy has provided patients with quality healthcare at affordable prices. Asante is now considered to be one of the leading Chinese medicine clinics in Europe. Based in Archway, North London, its team of more than twenty experienced doctors from many well-known Universities in China, headed by the Academy's principal, Prof.Song Xuan Ke, provide a comprehensive service of specialist treatment covering all areas of Chinese Medicine.

Affiliated Teaching and Research Centre of Chinese Medicine for Middlesex University

Asanté works in collaboration with Middlesex University to provide clinical training and research for the four year degree programme in Traditional Chinese Medicine. This programme was the first ever to be jointly run and validated by Beijing University and a European University. The programme now has over 150 students and is the only integrated TCM degree course of its kind in the UK.

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