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With the festive season in full-swing, the champagne flows as you stock up on fat-laden fillers and dash around in a stress-fuelled spin. But as your social life blossoms, your complexion may tell a more sober tale. Too many late nights and skincare slip-ups may trigger problematic skin conditions such as party-pooping pimples.

The good news, however, is that with some quick and easy steps, you can enjoy your New Year’s Eve party with a clear complexion. A handy mathematical formula* highlights the most common contributors to seasonal spot syndrome and helps determine our inherent susceptibility to blemish break-outs - S + G + [2 x (H + M)] + [Y x (Z + C + D + P + E + I)]

Commissioned by Optima Health & Nutrition, the company behind the NEW Australian Tea Tree range, the formula has been devised in association with renowned skin specialist, author of ‘Clear Skin’ and founder of, Karen Jessett. It is hoped that it will help people understand what the major spot-triggers can be so they can prevent blemishes before they rear their ugly heads.

Karen Jessett comments: “Analysing your daily routine - such as the levels of stress you experience, your diet, whether you smoke and the environmental conditions you live and work in – will establish trends that cause spots and problem skin. The key to preventing blemishes is understanding what can trigger your outbreaks and adopting a suitable skin care regime to maintain a healthy complexion.”

You too can ensure that your skin is ready to face the music on New Year’s Eve – simply follow Karen’s essential party season skincare tips:

• Stay calm - if you suffer from stress regularly, try and recognise the symptoms early and take action. Practicing relaxation methods can help prevent stress before it happens.

• It is a given that you should cleanse, tone and moisturise but even more so if you’re wearing heavy make-up. Always take make-up off the night before so your skin can breathe overnight.

• Avoid refined carbohydrates (white bread, white pasta, white rice, flour etc) and sugar. Not only are they bad for your waistline, they encourage the skin to excrete large amounts of sebum. This grease-like substance encourages the growth of bacteria responsible for blemishes.

• Don’t rely on a caffeine fix – whether it’s a latte in the morning or a mid-afternoon chocolate fix, your skin won’t thank you for it.

• Maintain skin hydration by sipping water throughout the day and ensure you drink a glass before you go to bed to start flushing out your system. Fruit and vegetables, especially in the form of salads, smoothies and fresh juices will also increase antioxidant levels in the skin and keep it hydrated. Top skin foods include avocadoes, blueberries, strawberries, olives, fresh herbs, watercress and pumpkin seeds.

• Stub it out – spots love smokers so kick the habit and not only will your health improve, your skin will too.

• Don’t pick! Resist temptation to rub, pick or squeeze spots. This can aggravate the skin and cause further infection.

• Use only natural products on your skin - by overloading with harsh chemicals that strip the skin’s natural oils, the skin will produce more oil to compensate, which can lead to more blocked pores and spots.

Fresh, bright and blemish-free skin can be achieved with regular use of the new Australian Tea Tree range from Optima Health. The Organic Tea Tree Deep Cleansing Skin Wash (£4.49 for 250ml) is a refreshing antibacterial wash that is ideal for keeping blemishes at bay. In addition to Tea Tree Oil it also contains Lemongrass, Bergamot, Eucalyptus and Aloe Vera to help invigorate and revitalise without drying the skin.

But for on the spot treatment when it’s required, there’s also Organic Tea Tree Blemish Stick (£3.99 for 5ml) and Organic Tea Tree Blemish Gel (£3.99 for 25ml) - both work to break down the pus that develops with a spot, so that it is cleared away naturally by the blood stream. They offer invisible treatment for problem skin, utilising the antiseptic and antibacterial properties of Tea Tree to prevent re-infection.

Grown from sustainable crop in New South Wales, the Australian Tea Tree range does not use parabens or the foaming agent Sodium Laurel Sulphate, which can cause skin irritation. It is free from synthetic perfumes, fragrances and harmful chemicals and is organic where possible.

The Australian Tea Tree range is available from Holland & Barrett, selected health food stores and all good pharmacies. For nearest stockist details please call 0870 850 7114.

Notes to Editors:

S + G + [2 x (H + M)] + [Y x (Z + C + D + P + E + I)]
To complete the formula, answer the following questions and then put the corresponding numbers in place of each letter. For example, if you are a non-smoker, your answer would be ‘3’ and this would be the first part of the formula – continue until you have all the numbers, e.g. 3 + 0 + [2 x (1 + 0)] + [1 x (1 + 3 + 3 + 1 + 2 + 3)]

S = Smoking
Choose from the following three options
3 = I am a non-smoker
5 = I smoke occasionally
8 = I am a frequent smoker

G = Genetics
Choose from the following two options
0 = Neither of my parents have significantly suffered with acne
4 = One or both of my parents have suffered from acne at some point

H = Hormones
Choose from the following two options
1 = I am not currently experiencing puberty, pregnancy or PMS
2 = I am either going through puberty, I am pregnant, or due to / having my monthly cycle

M = Prescribed Medicines
Choose from the following two options
0 = I am not taking any prescriptive drugs
2 = I am taking prescriptive drugs that contain barbiturates (can be found in prescribed sleeping pills), lithium (sometimes found in prescribed anti-depressants) or androgens (may be found in prescribed fertility treatments)

Y = Stress
Rate your general stress levels on a scale of 1 to 4
1 = I am generally very relaxed
2 = I find time to relax regularly
3 = I am sometimes stressed
4 = I am generally very stressed

Z = Cosmetics
Rate your usage of cosmetics and make-up on a scale of 1 to 3
1 = I rarely wear more than light eye make-up and lip colours
2 = I sometimes wear make-up, including foundation and/or powder
3 = I regularly wear foundation, powder, blusher and heavy moisturisers

C = Caffeine
Rate your general caffeine intake on a scale of 1 to 5. Remember that chocolate also contains caffeine.
1 = I don’t consume any caffeine
2 = I sometimes consume caffeine
3 = I have one or two caffeine drinks/snacks a day
4 = I regularly have three caffeine drinks/snacks a day
5 = I have four or more caffeine drinks/snacks a day

D = Diet
Rate your sugar and refined carbohydrate intake on a scale of 1 to 3
1 = My diet contains little or no refined carbohydrates or sugar
2 = I occasionally include refined carbohydrates and sugar in my diet
3 = Most of my meals contain refined carbohydrates and sugar

P = Perspiration Factor
Rate your perspiration factor on a scale of 1 to 4
1 = I don’t really perspire at all
2 = I only perspire if I’m rushing around or exercising
3 = I perspire slightly throughout the day and more heavily if I exercise
4 = I perspire in most situations

E = Environmental Pollution
Choose from the following two options based on your general contact with environmental irritants
1 = I live in a clean unpolluted environment and regularly get fresh air
2 = I work or live in close proximity to pollution (e.g. a busy city)

I = Physical Irritations
Rate your inclination to physical irritation on a scale of 1 to 3
1 = I avoid picking or rubbing my spots
2 = I sometimes pick or rub my spots
3 = I frequently pick and rub my spots

Scores between 0 – 15 = Lucky you, your skin is likely to stay clear over the festive period
Scores between 16 - 30 = You probably have more spots than normal so blitz them now to be blemish-free on New Year’s Eve
Scores between 31 - 45 = You get spots on a regular basis and may find you have had quite a few break-outs recently. It’s definitely time to look for daily improvements to your lifestyle to clear up your complexion.
Scores between 46 - 60 = Quick, run for cover – Mount Vesuvius is about to erupt!

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