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New survey shows women don't want equality at any cost - they want it at no cost!

This may be the age of liberation and equality, but a new survey from community website shows 60% of women still expect men to pay for a date and a large percentage promptly dump those who don't.

Conversely, a full third of men naively believe women want the same equality in romance as in any other walk of life, and go out of their way to split bills in order to avoid appearing chauvinistic. No wonder singledom is on the increase!

The survey of nearly 21,000 single men and women shows that, whilst women demand equality in the workplace, the home and even in bed, they also expect to morph into the helpless products of bygone eras when being romanced - and expect the poor men to instinctively appreciate this spurious distinction.

The comments from the ladies did little to explain this anomaly, with the more common reactions being:

- Men who expect you to pay are selfish
- Because I'm worth it!
- If he's not willing to spend the money he shouldn't ask me out

Whilst Mary from Sutton offered a little more insight (though no more logic) when she explained: 'Of course the lady should not be expected to pay. She has given him the honour of her company and he should display good manners and breeding in return. Unfortunately from personal experience that is rarely the case, but it's the man's loss as rarely do I or my friends give such men a second chance.'

The confused men supported this claim, telling us:

- My ex girlfriend insisted on paying her own way, but when I assumed a recent date would do the same, she accused me of being cheap.
- They want 21st century equality but 18th century courtships.
- Some women take offence if you pay, others take offence if you don't.

and Robert from Croydon seemed to speak for most men when he said: 'I often end up paying because the women obviously expect it. My true opinion however is that we're supposed to equals, therefore the bill should really be shared.'

So if you have a Christmas romance in mind and you want it to last beyond the New Year, dumping logic might be the only way to avoid being dumped yourself!

Research: polled 20,967 members over a two week period. Detailed stats & breakdowns available on request.

The Men were asked:

On a first date, would you:

a. Pay for everything
b. Split the bill to show your date you respect her as an equal.

10,709 men answered, of whom 66.98% would pay for everything and 33.02% would expect to split the bill.

The Women were asked:

Do you feel that men who expect you to pay half on a first date are:

a. Respecting you as an equal
b. Tight

10,258 women answered, of whom 43.8% felt such men were respecting them as an equal and 56.2% felt they were simply being tight.

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