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Brand new “no-diet” diet puts control at fingertips

A “no diet” diet is launched today which could allow millions of people to continue with the festive chocolate and still lose weight.

Body ID replaces the stream of “one size fits all” fad diets with a personalised, long-term healthy eating plan.

Using laboratory testing, Body ID recognises that many slimmers react to certain foods that can lead to internal bloating, fluid retention, and inflammation, as well as tiredness, migraines and digestive disorders.

It solves this problem through the UK’s first home kit of its kind, allowing a simple pinprick of blood to be taken from a finger for analysis at a state-of-the-art laboratory.

The blood is tested for immune reactions to 76 foods and combined with a healthy eating plan, creates a totally personal step by step guide to cutting out individual problem foods, and achieving natural weight loss.

Among the foods tested are traditionally “healthy” foods including apple, banana, cucumber and carrot, alongside more common enemies of the diet like chocolate, and foods containing dairy, yeast and wheat.

Personalised results indicate whether to “avoid”, “enjoy in moderation” or “go ahead” for each food.

The plan costs £130, and if no reactions are found, £80 is refunded.

Here Liz Tucker, a nutritional health advisor and author of the book “Why No Weight Loss”, provides her top diet tips for New Year.

· Think good health rather than weight loss. “Follow a healthy eating plan that is designed for good health not just weight loss. Eating a healthy diet fills you with energy and makes you feel good and if your body is happy it will shift the weight as well.”

· Make it enjoyable. “If you hate eating lettuce all-day and slogging yourself on the treadmill then you might as well give up now. Eating healthily and taking activity needn’t be boring it can be tasty and fun. If the rewards are equally as good you will find you prefer the healthy option and are willing chose to it over the unhealthy ones.”

· Forget diet, think lifestyle. “Generally we eat badly because of other aspects in our lifestyle such as stress and lack of satisfaction. The happier, more confident and relaxed you are the easier it will be for you to eat healthily so for real success don’t just improve your diet, improve your life!”

· “Look after your gut. Your digestive system is involved in the health of the whole body, processing nutrients, disposing of toxic waste and keeping out harmful invaders. A happy gut makes a healthy body.”

· “General rules apply generally. You are unique so if you have tried every diet going and are still frustrated about your weight, now is the time to find a health and eating plan that suits you personally.“

For more information and ordering details, visit or phone 0800 458 63 93.


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Notes to Editors:

· Body ID is a new product from YORKTEST Laboratories – a specialist food diagnostics company with more than 25 years experience in food intolerance testing.

· Celebrities with intolerances to certain foods include actress Goldie Hawn (dairy), Victoria Beckham (dairy), Geri Halliwell (wheat), and athlete Denise Lewis (Cow’s milk).

· Liz Tucker’s new book “Why No Weight Loss” is available now from priced at £9.99.

· Body ID Plan costs £130, and if no reactions are found, £80 is refunded. For more information and ordering details, visit or phone 0800 458 63 93.

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