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Some fifteen years after the introduction of speed cameras huge numbers of drivers are still speeding. But very few motorists realise the horrendous and unexpected costs in defending such a prosecution.

Glasgow based lawyer, Graham Walker of said that many clients do not realise that The Scottish Legal Aid Board will be unlikely to fund their defence due to the fact that Legal Aid is a means tested resource and most motorists are likely to fall out with the financial guideline limits.
He said "When they realise how much they will require to pay to defend their case they are often horrified."

Walker said that it can easily cost in the region of £2,000 to £3,000 to defend such a case depending upon how much time the whole court procedure takes.

When asked - Who would spend this sort of money defending a case where the penalty would most likely be 3 penalty points and £60 fine?. Mr Walker explained that there are more than 6000 cameras on the roads of Britain and that 4 in 10 motorists were driving with some penalty points on their licence therefore a licence could fall into jeopardy very quickly.

Under the totting-up system, those with 12 lose their licence – and often their livelihood. Walker says part of the blame for the rise in speeding fines lies with the explosion in the number of cameras. But he also cites the pressure of modern life, with ‘stressed-out' workers rushing to meet deadlines as they average 20,000 miles a year on business.

Official figures show that the war on motorists has reached unprecedented heights. The Department of Transport said there were more than 13million prosecutions in a year, with camera offences up 45 per cent to a record 1.9million.

In the UK around 33,000 lost their licence for hitting 12 points.

He advises that motorists should look to their insurance company for cover in some cases or that they make provision by joining a "Fee Discount" scheme like his own "Trafficlawplan" He explained that after a particularly painful visit to his dentist he noticed a scheme called "Denplan" that would have reduced the pain of paying the dentist's fee. He then decided to set up a similar scheme for legal fees in road traffic cases in Scotland.

Note to editors
Graham Walker
Is a Scottish solicitor who has been in practise since 1984. He specialises in road traffic law and has represented many high profile and celebrity clients in Scotland.

trafficlawplan is a legal fee discount scheme allowing subscribers to receive a 50% discount on legal fees and various benefits outlined on the website

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