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Expert advice - Defend yourself from the Norovirus!

Today is the first day back to work for many, which means a huge number of unlucky people will be vunerable to catching the norovirus.

A total of 1,122,874 people have contacted the NHS helpline with the Norovirus - also known as winter vomiting disease – which is the most common cause of infectious gastroenteritis in the UK. The actual number of cases is much higher as most are not reported - perhaps as much as 1,500.

Doctors have issued advice through the media, but other than rest and taking paracetamol, what can you do to help?

The bug can be spread by contact with an infected person through contaminated food, water or by contact with contaminated surfaces or objects.
Surgeries and hospitals have been swamped with people wanting advice.

Medical Nutritionist Naomi Beinart BSc (hons) Psych., BSc Nut. Med. has been continually contacted with urgent calls from patients struck down with the virus and, desperate for help as well as others seeking advice to protect themselves.
She states that “recovering fully from a virus such as the Nonovirus can be difficult for many. Pressure to return to work after illness can leave health comprised. This can leave you vulnerable to other common viruses such as colds and flu due to the immune system being in a weakened state”

She goes on to say that "these viruses are difficult to avoid. This is especially true for those who work surrounded by others, for example, in an office environment. During the holiday period people relax and unwind, however the social demands during this time, with drinking and partying being high on the agenda, means that they are more susceptible to a virus"

I often treat patients who have been burning the candle at both ends in the run up to Christmas. Stress and an unhealthy diet are two sure ways your health can be effected come January. The same time every year I get calls from people who want good natural remedies to boost their immune system. Many of them have a variety of social and work commitments, so they don’t want to worry about getting ill once they have returned to work”

“I advise everyone to up their doses of Vitamins B and C to support stress levels and to take a good anti-viral herbal complex at least three times a day. Many combinations contain herbs that will help to fight off most viruses as well as support the body’s own natural defences”.

“If you do come down with the nonovirus you should wash hands regularly to avoid infecting anyone else
drink lots of room temperature bottled water and herbal teas.
Its very important to re-hydrate if you have diarrhoea and vomiting – you can get rehydrating sachets from pharmacy. Many health food stores also stock cartons of coconut water, it tastes great and is naturally perfect for rehydrating the body.

Any stomach bug requires use of a high strength probiotic to repopulate the colon with good bacteria, this will help to get the gut back to a normal state and improve your ability to absorb vital nutrients from your food. Find a good quality probiotic that contains a wide variety of bacteria strains.

You need to invest in a safe and gentle, natural antiviral herb complex that includes a combination of beneficial herbs to boost your immune system before or after a virus, including the following:

Elderberry - is great for viral infections and for boosting immune system. Elderberry liquid was used to successfully treat a flu epidemic in Panama in 1995.

Goldenseal - another great herbal antibiotic and immune system enhancer, and also help to reduce fevers.

Olive leaf - research to date has shown it to be useful for fighting off viruses, and again can also lower fever.

Ginger - a well known remedy for nausea, flu and gastrointestinal problems, and also has anti viral properties. This is a very safe remedy that has no adverse effects and is also safe for pregnant or nursing mothers.

Echinacea - stimulates our immune system to make it more effective at fighting viruses and infections.

Astragalus – a potent adaptogen known to support the body through any kind of physical or emotional stress whilst you are trying to fight off a virus. Astragalus will increase immunity and resistance to viruses and also can improve physical energy. So as well as healing your body to fight off the virus, it will enable a speedier recovery”.

Naomi recommends during convalescence eating nourishing warming foods such a light soups, rice dishes and nutritious vegetable casseroles. For easy breakfast and snacks try to have fresh fruit smoothies (such as banana and berries) blended with organic live yogurt and apple juice.

Feelings of weakness and lethargy often linger for a good week or so, making work and simple chores a real effort. It is a good idea to supplement with a high strength multivitamin over the next few weeks. This will ensure that you replace missing nutrients needed to rejuvenate the body and rebuild energy levels, thus ensuring a faster recovery time.

Take a one a day multivitamin containing all essential nutrients; I recommend Solgar VM75, an award winning supplement that is easily absorbed and utilised by the body.

Continue taking your probiotics and resting whenever possible. Listen to your body and try not to over do it too soon, as you should see this as a good opportunity to begin your healthy January resolutions"

You can purchase a high quality herbal combination of anti-viral remedies from good health food stores and pharmacies.
Try Solgar’s standardised Olive Leaf & Echinacea complex £20.49 for 50 capsules. This contains five of the most powerful immune boosters as mentioned above.
Solgar also do a great probiotic formula called Advanced Acidophilus Plus £8.55 for 60 capsules. These do not need refrigeration, making them suitable for travel and ease.
Solgar VM75 multivitamin formula £8.75 for a months supply.

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Remember to always seek advice from your GP if suffering from diarrhoea and/or vomiting.

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