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10 January 2008

For Release 10th January 2008

Amperor Europe Ltd, established 12 years ago, has its European HQ in Irvine Ayrshire, plus a design and development establishment in Beverley, Yorkshire. A specialist in developing power systems for Computers and leisure vehicles, it is also an importer/distributor of electronic equipment such as TVs, CD/DVD players, digital radios, GPS systems and Bluetooth products which can be integrated for use in motorhomes, caravans and other vehicles.
The proliferation of electronic equipment in leisure vehicles has greatly increased the demand for electric power, both 12V and 230V, and it’s a question not just of quantity but also of quality. Amperor has the answers.

Power Guardian

Automotive batteries must deliver high currents for brief periods, leisure batteries more modest amperages for long stretches. Different demands require divergent designs and with them come different responses under recharging conditions. Ideally a leisure battery should be charged over at least three different stages, a constant current stage followed by a constant voltage stage and finely a float charge stage. The vehicle alternator is only able to provide the float charge stage, resulting in failure to attain a full charge. Although charging a vehicle battery directly from a vehicle’s alternator is perfectly adequate, it is no good for a leisure battery and typically only charges it to about 70% of its capacity. The most common way of providing the three stages of charging is from a suitable AC mains power supply. However, Amperor can also provide a way of providing the same three stages from the float charge power coming from the alternator in addition to that coming from the AC mains supply.

The Power Guardian’s mains charger has a max. 12V output of 18 amps. For 230V equipment PG comes with a 40A RCD, three MCBs and it protects against supply spikes or surges, even against lightning strikes. Wiring and polarity problems can also be detected and indicated, while a max. current draw can be set thus avoiding tripping of the site supply. Power Guardian can be used in conjunction with Amperor ’s battery-to-battery system that uses the 12 volt power coming from the vehicle’s alternator and steps it up to a level required to provide the constant current and voltage stages. Hence the leisure battery can be fully charged from the power coming from the vehicle’s alternator in addition to the power coming from the AC mains supply. On the 12V side of the Power Guardian are 11 fuses, switches for charger, space- and water heaters, and relays for battery change-over, charging and isolation. A touch screen can be used for control and display. It enables turning on/off of 12V/230V power, battery selection, operation of two lighting circuits (one with a dimmer), the pump and two auxiliary circuits.

Metering functions offered are mains volts and amps, 12V ditto plus current flow out/in (charger on), interior and exterior temperature, water tank level. Warnings are shown for low water, waste tank full, battery low (a mode can be set to avoid full discharge), AC wiring faults, battery or AC isolation. The touch screen is also used to set the mains trip level and for the operation of an optional alarm system. And, taking technology a step further, most functions on the PG can also be commanded by an IR remote control. The PG packs into its 320mm x 225mm x 70mm functions often dispersed around the interior of the ‘van and it encases, arguably more than any unit, the controls, systems information and protective power-side measures needed by the leisure vehicle user. It is all, literally, at one’s fingertips and user-friendly, too.

12 volt stabiliser

The leisure battery in a ‘van is only nominally 12 volt. In fact, depending upon the load on it, or if it is being charged, the actual voltage can be between 10V and 15V. Some electronic appliances cannot tolerate over-voltage, among them flat-screen TVs and laptops. Televisions employing an LCD type screen, and without an inbuilt stabiliser (that’s the cheaper ones), can fail or have their working life drastically shortened by a voltage in excess of 13V. Low voltage, on the other hand, can cause a TV to switch off – of course at the critical point in a programme!

Amperor’s ADP-90DC-12 stabiliser is suitable for equipment rated at up to 70 watts, protects also against wrong polarity, short circuit or over-current, and delivers a stable 12V from an input between 10V and 28V. So it can also be used in a large vehicle with a 24V battery system. It plugs into a cigarette lighter socket – UK or European type – or there are adaptors for other 12V outlets. Total input plus output cable length is 3 metres and outlet add-ons supplied with the unit permit four different (8 1-4) connections to equipment. From Amperor, post free, the stabiliser costs £39.00.


New in Amperor’s programme, and produced by Lava in Sweden, is this flat screen TV, which comes in 15in. and 19in. sizes and will cater for all on board entertainment needs. It can receive both analogue (100 channels) and digital (47MHz – 862MHz) television, so you’ll be spoilt for choice around Europe – although FLEX line won’t do translations, it’s not that clever, not yet! For still more choice one can connect up to a satellite dish and tuner box. The high quality screen will still provide a good picture for those who, in the confines of motorhome or caravan, have to watch at an acute viewing angle. Automatic tuning and last channel recall feature and there’s a Nicam/A2 sound system with two speakers, adjustment for treble, bass and balance. Headphone can be used if others with to go to bed early or to do their own things.

This Lava unit can receive FM radio, play music from CD, DVD or MP3; from a DVD show a film and pick up where it left off after the set has been switched off. With the USB/card reader you can view the, enlarged, pictures from your digi camera and, of course, connect up and use the screen as a monitor for a PC or laptop. And, naturally, as befits its versatility, Lava has catered for its creation to run on either 12Vor on 230V AC.

The dimensions of the FLEX Line are for the LD-15DVD 388 x 330 x 70mm and for the LD-19DVD 498 x x380 x x85.5mm. Prices are respectively £369.95 and £399.95 (plus £9.95 delivery).

And electricity for free?

Solar power costs nothing. Well, after you’ve paid for the panels and the installation, and that’s not exactly cheap. Amperor is currently looking at an all-new solar panel which is thinner – no more than top quality writing paper – can be fixed onto simple-curvature surfaces and in super-imposed layers. Up to three thick promises far more watts per square metre. Produced by a printing-style process, these new panel will greatly reduce costs. In summer the fridge could run using no paid-for energy and on bright but freezing winter days there’d still be enough power to run the heater element in the fresh water tank. It’s definitely something to look forward to.



About Amperor

Amperor Europe Ltd are based in Glasgow and East Yorkshire with Amperor corporate offices in Houston, Texas and over 2000 employees at manufacturing facilities in Shenzhen, China.

Managing Director, Ray Herbert, is available for interview.

Amperor design, develop and manufacture portable power and multimedia solutions harnessing state-of-the-art cutting-edge technologies and work with world-class companies such as Hewlett Packard, Compaq, Sharp and market-leading caravan and motorhome manufacturers including the Swift Group. /

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Show Schedules

Caravan and Outdoor Leisure Show SECC Glasgow 7-10 February 2008 Stand No. J50

The National Boat, Caravan & Outdoor Show 2008 19-24 February 2008 Stand 4273

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