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If your New Year resolutions are starting to falter, take heart: there’s a good reason why and it’s something you can address… Most people write down their New Year goals but don’t stop long enough to think deeply about how they felt when deciding their resolutions. Nor do they realise they need to release their negative feelings before they can make any permanent changes.

Why Resolutions Fail
But the reality is that most resolutions fail, because we are essentially creatures of habit and creating a new way of “being” requires a whole new physiology…yes…physiology. And to achieve that, you must start with the most powerful influence on your physiology - your feelings! This is a big challenge!

Feel Different to Be Different
If you want to “be” different, you must “feel” different - rather than trust the popular theory that all you need to do is “think positive”. Anyone who has attended an expensive “positive thinking” course knows that the effects of trying to “think positive” last for about two weeks at most and then those old thought patterns resurface and scupper further progress.

Feelings create thoughts: thoughts create attitudes and drive behaviour
To permanently dispel negative thought patterns and create a new way of being, you need to first identify the underlying feeling that caused you to create that negative thought in the first place. You must start by becoming consciously aware of how you feel. This process will open up your mind to reveal the thoughts “attached” to your negative feelings. As you experience the feelings and examine the associated negative thoughts, you will begin to release them and you will be relieved of the common symptoms associated with holding on to negative feelings and thoughts; anxiety, depression and insomnia.

Speaking to a trusted friend or practitioner about your thoughts and feelings will help the whole process of change as will using the vitalFLOWER essence Agrimony – a homoeopathic product prepared using the same system devised by Dr Bach to capture the full vibrational healing energy of the plant. Millions of people use flower essences to treat ill health and emotional discomfort but they are invaluable tools to help us change. If your New Year resolutions are already faltering, Agrimony is the essence to help you open up, clarify your feelings and share your thoughts. If you usually feel it’s necessary to present an artificially cheerful face to hide your inner problems, and have difficulty opening up, this is the essence for you. A classic New Year helper, it will help you discover, accept and find the courage to explore and share your worries. In so doing, you will begin transforming the negative force tied up in your negative thoughts and feelings to a positive energy that will allow you to make the changes you desire.
You simply take a few drops straight onto your tongue or drop several into a glass of water and sip throughout the day.
Find out more about vitalFLOWERS and Agrimony at There is a special offer running until the beginning of Spring 2008 where you can buy any vitalFlower for just £2 instead of the normal £3 for 10ml.

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