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Sex….Mmmh, ARGH!

A woman who has had sex in the last 48 hours is 60 times more likely to get a UTI over a woman who has not.

Ouch! Sex is supposed to be pure pleasure but it’s far from it if you get an infection as a result of some vigorous love action. Whether you’re on honeymoon or just fulfilling your monthly duty, sadly, some women find that they are prone to some form of irritation, cystitis or thrush within a day or so after having sex.

The main cause is when bacteria that live quite harmlessly in the bowel get into the urethra. Another cause of infection is using unclean fingers or sextoys that carry bacteria or just having energetic sex which causes irritation.

There are things you can do to limit irritation:

• Pee before and after sex to flush out any bacteria.

• Clean up! Irritation can be caused by a change in your pH level. The pH balance of the intimate skin is different to the pH of body skin and is naturally more acidic to prevent and discourage infections. This low, acidic nature is caused by good bacteria ‘Lactobacilli’ that naturally inhabit the vagina, helping to keep it clean and healthy. The pH of semen is alkaline so you need to wipe away semen as quickly as possible or you could upset your ‘good’ bacteria.

• If you are highly prone to attacks it’s best to shower straight away and use pH balanced Femfresh body or intimate washes. If you can’t shower at the very least cleanse using Femfresh wipes which will remove sweat, bacteria and leave a good pH environment. Remember to always wipe front to back too.

• If you are dry, use a lubricant during sex.

• The use of spermicides with diaphragms alters vaginal flora, increases pH and decreases lactobacilli concentration which promotes irritation. If you are prone to irritation talk to your nurse about other contraceptives.

Femfresh intimate hygiene products are pH balanced for the intimate environment. They are hypoallergenic*, and dermatologically and gynaecologically tested so perfect for sensitive or irritated skin.

Femfresh range includes:

• Intimate Wash (200ml) - soap free, with extracts of camomile and aloe vera, this gel wash now comes in a bigger 200ml size for even better value rrp £2.69

• Body Wash (250ml) - this luxurious gel is suitable for intimate use and sensitive skin so is perfect for all over use rrp £2.99

• Deodorant Spray (125ml) – Talc-free and with zinc oxide known for its antiseptic, protective properties rrp £2.65

• Wipes – Biodegradable and flushable, the Wipes are now in a bigger pack and are stronger and softer. Alcohol and soap free, the wipes contain soothing allantoin and naturally antibacterial witch hazel rrp £2.69 for 20 pack

• Individually wrapped wipes - a handbag essential for freshness on demand - rrp £2.29 for pack of 16

• Talc-free Powder – Lightly fragranced and absorbent. Perfect for use after a bath or shower rrp £2.39

• Compact Deo - lightly fragranced pump spray for instant freshness. Handbag-sized for freshness on the go, but lasts as long as the 125ml aerosol deo rrp £2.29

Available now at Boots, Superdrug, supermarkets and chemists nationwide.

Contact:, 020 7637 1237

* Femfresh washes, wipes and deodorant spray

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