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Jenni Falconer – presenter on GMTV’s Entertainment Today, enjoys interviewing some of the biggest stars in showbiz at red carpet events. But when that premiere is taking place on a cold, wintry evening, it’s not quite as much fun for Jenni as she makes it appear, for she suffers from Raynaud’s Disease, a circulatory condition that means just a gust of icy wind can temporarily cut off circulation to her fingers and feet, causing agonising pain.

Raynaud’s sufferers are also at greater risk of suffering from chilblains – another extremely painful condition.

Chilblains are small, itchy, red swellings on the toes, fingers, ears and nose that can be caused by poor circulation and being exposed to extreme temperatures. The tiny blood vessels in these areas constrict when cold and the blood supply becomes slow. As the skin warms up there is leakage of fluid from the blood vessels into the tissues and this can cause the swelling and pain.

Balmosa is a warming cream that is licensed to soothe and relieve the pain associated with unbroken chilblains.

Who gets chilblains?

• Young as well as the old can be prone to chilblains and especially those who work outdoors in the cold weather

• People who have circulatory conditions such as Raynaud’s Syndrome

• Those who are exposed to rapid changes in weather e.g. from really cold to very warm temperatures

• The elderly when circulation becomes less efficient

Symptoms of chilblains:

• Burning & itching in hands & feet

• Tender red swellings on the skin that can turn purple

• Blistering of the skin around the affected area

In some cases an infection may occur where the skin around the chilblain breaks down.

Chilblain prevention

• Keep warm! This is the most important step you can take to prevent chilblains. Make sure you wear long gloves and thermal socks when it’s cold outside

• Wear loose layers. This can be more effective at maintaining warmth than one single thick layer as the air trapped between the layers acts as an insulation system

• Don’t forget your hat! Up to 50% of body heat is lost through the head

• Exercise! Regular exercise helps to improve circulation. Avoid rapid re-warming when coming in from the cold. Putting hands and feet directly onto a radiator or hot water bottle can cause pain – instead try dipping hands into warm (not hot) water and alternating with cold.

If you do get chilblains -

Keep a tube of Balmosa in the cupboard.

Balmosa cream is one of the only licensed preparations to soothe and relieve the pain associated with unbroken chilblains. Apply the cream to the affected area, massaging it gently into the skin. Do not apply to broken chilblains. Always read the label.

For chilblains that have broken or ulcerated apply an antiseptic dressing. If the chilblain does not heal, visit your GP or local pharmacist.

Ask your pharmacists for Balmosa which is situated behind the counter at Boots, Lloyds, the Co-op and independent pharmacies or by prescription by your GP and is suitable for adults and children from 12years old. RRP £1.55 for 40g tube

Jenni is not reported to have suffered from chilblains as yet but being a Raynaud’s sufferer is already at increased risk.

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