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The bathroom’s importance should never be underestimated according to TV’s interior design duo Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan: “in fact it’s often in this smallest room that you can make the biggest impact. So what, precisely, makes it so important? Well, succinctly, a great bathroom won’t only enhance your quality of life; it’ll also bolster the saleability of your property. As such it’s absolutely crucial that you get it right. No longer just a place to ‘wash and go’, we now need our bathrooms to provide sanctuary from the stresses and strains of the outside world. Think about it - it’s your most personal space, a ‘home spa’ of purity, relaxation and refreshment so you owe it to yourself… to get it right!

“Take a multi-sensory approach and you’ll reap serious rewards - your bathroom will look good and you’ll feel great into the bargain. Make sure your space is spotlessly clean and go overboard with fluffy towels and smells such as Ambi Pur’s Odour Naturizer collection; this little baby will freshen and fragrance your bathroom in one fabulously fresh swoop!

“Powered by nature, Ambi Pur’s Odour Naturizer collection is made with natural extracts, so you can enjoy clean and fresh fragrances that smell more natural and less aggressive. And not only does the new range offer beautiful fragrances, but they also neutralise odours and freshen the air, providing you with a complete fragrance experience.

“Experience three refreshing Odour Naturizer variants in the innovative Ambi Pur Total Fresh device, which provides a complete bathroom solution. Ambi Pur Total Fresh is a unique product that has two components: a rim block with cleansing fluid, that fits inside the toilet bowl, to help clean every time you flush; and a bottle of real liquid perfume, that discreetly sits outside the toilet, to continually fragrance the whole bathroom.

“When you’re putting together your bathroom ‘look’, think about two elements - convenience and comfort. For convenience, create efficient wash, make up and hair styling areas and for comfort establish a restful, well-decorated haven. And here’s an extra point to remember; design-wise, bathroom suites should come in any shade…as long as they’re white! Introduce colour via tiling, flooring and accessories and listen to no one who tells you that avocado is making a come back! With cutting edge design now available to all budgets, don’t be afraid to open your mind to a world of ‘egg’ shaped baths.

“This season’s trend, the free standing basin, is very fashionable, but they only really work if you have ample space – trying to squeeze them in is like trying to squeeze yourself into that size zero dress after a big meal! Having a timber clad sink unit is a great way of softening the clinical look that many white bathrooms have and will really warm up proceedings.

“So what are our fave J and C tricks to bring out the very best in your bathroom? Well, for starters, mirrors! Not only fab from a vanity perspective, they can also visually increase the size of your smallest room. With this in mind, position them opposite a window and you’ll also double the amount of natural light on offer. Think about other mirrored elements - cabinets and shelving, for example - then add loads of shiny, metallic accessories to create further sparkle. When space is tight, opt for inclusions with dual purpose such as mirrored storage cabinets or heated towel rails and don’t forget to mix open storage with closed so your Chanel toiletries will be on display and your haemorrhoid creams won’t! In other words it‘s all about piles of style rather than, well, just piles! Opt for water repellent flooring such as ceramic tiles, sealed stone, Amtico or Karndean and avoid carpets like the plague - in the bathroom they’re simply quagmires of human debris and bodily emissions…”


Looks good smells good – a bathroom should refresh without even turning on a tap so get the smell right and you’ll get the bathroom right – Ambi Pur Odour Naturizer fragrances not only neutralises bad smells, it also replaces them with the clean scent of lavender, citrus or eucalyptus. Gorgeous!

Storage is key – make sure to balance discrete and display; discrete for pills and potions and display for luxury items.

Add colour and change mood at the drop of a hat by changing accessories – a new blind, towels, artwork or new floor mat could be all you need to ‘redecorate’ your bathroom without breaking the bank.

Lighten up, darling! Ensure your vanity mirror is illuminated to allow clear vision of your face – wall lights either side are ideal. Avoid relying exclusively on overhead lighting, which can cast shadows.

Creating focal points is important too, so emphasise your sink area or the wall behind the bath by adding a decorative tile feature to bring in colour and drama.


Carpets – absorbent coverings holding onto all manner of nasty smells and damp. Yuk!

Coloured suites – wine coloured suites are for 1970’s swingers… and as for avocado? Noooooooo! Good in a bowl of guacamole but that’s it! And as for peach? Satan’s work!

Bare windows – can you be sure your frosted glass or dimpled window is keeping your nightly bathing escapades completely private? Spare your neighbours blushes with a handy blind…

Laminate flooring – just add water to budget laminate flooring and see it turn into Weetabix before your very eyes. And don’t use it to clad the bath surround either!

Mould – lose fungal growths from dodgy tile grout and past their best shower curtains and your bathroom will not only look better, it’ll smell much fresher too!


• These Justin & Colin tips are unique to Ambi Pur and can only be used in conjunction with an Ambi Pur editorial mention

• Ambi Pur Odour Naturizer is available in three Total Fresh fragrances: Lavender & Gardenia, Fresh Water & Mint and Citrus & Mandarin. Total Fresh last up to 6 weeks and retails at £2.99 (RRSP)

• Ambi Pur Odour Naturizer is available in four regular rim blocks - Lemon, Orange, Eucalyptus and Lavender - which retail at £1.49 (RRSP) and last up to 400 flushes, and triple refills which retail at £2.99 (RRSP)

• Ambi Pur Odour Naturizer bathroom products will be available in all good supermarkets and independent retailers


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