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DiscoveryBox launches its green project competition!!!!!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle...... Don’t be mean, get green...Waste a little less for our future’s best ...We’ve heard them all before, for many, they are now merely buzz words that no longer warrent thinking about. Somewhere among these buzz words the message is being lost. For instance when was the last time you did anything good for the environment without being to its detriment first? When was the last time you did something simple such as a local clean up or a walk to work week (cuts out your car emmissions completely). These are the sort of activities that need to be done to help the environment. Children are the most environmentally conscious group with many schools attaining the Green Flag which is an award given to eco-friendly schools, made so by the participation of their pupils. However, it should not stop there and this enthusiasm for the environment should be brought into the home.

DiscoveryBoxis a children’s magazine that is both educational and fun for children aged nine to twelve. DiscoveryBox is also designed to progress the students’ knowledge of the world in conjunction with what they have learned in school. For further information you can view the website at . This month it is relaunching its Green Project competition in conjunction with its book that has a section on the environment, and with the participation of local national and primary schools.

It will run during the school year 2007-2008. A completed report on the project should be sent by 1st April 2008 and the project must be completed by June 2008. It is an international competition, no matter where the children live, they can take part in the Green Projects competition. Readers of Reportero Doc, Reporter Doc or Images Doc (the Spanish, Catalan and French versions of DiscoveryBox) can also take part. The more people that get involved the better it will be for the environment. Children can do anything they want from planting trees to building bird nests, just so long as it is positive for the environment. Prizes are given for the best entries so that they can continue their good work. This is an excellent opportunity for schools to put some application to the children’s studies as well as for them to help the environment.

DiscoveryBox is the proud sponsor of the Green Projects. We encourage our readers to be more aware of the environment and its issues with a different subject every month in our magazine. In each issue each child sets off on a voyage of discovery, learning wonderful facts about science, animals, history and the world.

DiscoveryBox is a publication which succeeds where many others fail, as it is highly educational and so entertaining that thrilled children can never get their hands off it!

If you’re a teacher or even a parent that thinks this is a good idea for the school to take part in you can look at the website to see what’s involved. Just remember, “we can't move to Jupiter, Neptune or Mars, we can't live on Venus or any of the stars. Earth is our home so we must keep it clean, pitch in and recycle, to keep the Earth clean”!!!!!!!!

For more information please contact :

David Ryan
StoryBox, AdventureBox, DiscoveryBox

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Tel : 01 733 565 858

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