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Osteopaths are highly qualified practitioners with extensive medical knowledge who are able to work closely with patients to diagnose the cause of their conditions and symptoms and either support the patient with treatment to aid recovery or are able to pass on to other relevant practitioners where an osteopathic intervention is not appropriate.

Their deep understanding of the body’s bio mechanics enable them to diagnose very effectively and this is one of the reasons that so many of the near seven million patients seen by osteopaths in the UK each year are so very satisfied with the treatment they receive.

The following patients benefited from osteopathic treatment and are available for interview. If a specific condition is of interest please let me know and I shall try to source a patient who would be relevant

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Patrick Smith has had a phantom limb for nine years. One session of osteopathy and it disappeared
(ripped off his little finger in an accident)
Patrick is happy for you to use his unusual story for osteopathy


Francesca Lucas – neck pain (aged 37)

Francesca had had neck pain for 21 years and had been treated by another complementary practitioner for 15 years with no benefit. Francesca went on to gain more benefit from osteopathy in just three sessions than she had in the previous 15 years.
She fell off a horse and landed vertically on her head when 16 years-old. The injury stopped an acting career which she is now returning to with confidence that osteopathy has changed her. Francesca would like to offer her story.
Francesca says, ‘Osteopathy has given me back the career I lost in mime and physical theatre’


Theresa Whiting – Headaches (age 41)

Theresa had headaches for at least ten years and they were getting progressively worse to the point where she could not work with them
Her experience of osteopathy has led her to say “Osteopathy has let me sleep in the first time for years”
The migraines occured 3-4 every months for 12-24 hrs duration
She had had physiotherapy and medication over the previous four years to her first osteopathic treatment. One visit with her osteopath stopped the headaches, and she can sleep for the first time in years without the neck waking her up.


Brenda Gwynne – headaches (aged 66)

Brenda experienced a had a head ache for over one year constantly whilst trying to run a rally school with her internationally famous Rally Husband
Life was difficult until Osteopathy changed it all

Brenda saw a neurologist, ENT, etc no benefit and eventually the pain was diagnosed as being a neuralgic headache/migraine. She was put on Amytriptilene for treatment.

At worst the head felt it was an exploding boil on the right side of the head, alongside pain on the top of the head

After seeing other complementary therapists with no benefit, Brenda believes that osteopathy sorted it in six visits

Brenda Gwynne Q&A

Did the headache prevent you from undertaking any day to day activities like driving or watching television, reading or enjoying musical activities for any length of time?

‘The feeling of a bursting boil just above the right ear, for over one year duration, accompanied was a jaw pain (TMJ)on the right. There was an itching in the ear and singing in the ears, combined with an acute pressure on the forehead and at the top of the head. The GP said it was neuralgia and the trigeminal never was affected. All daily activities were affected because you just can't concentrate or relax with pain like that, in fact the pain seemed worse once I had nothing to do and was relaxing.’

What impact did it have on work?

As you can imagine there was no time I was not affected and it was horrible, you can't imagine toothache pain over the whole of you left side of the head. After a year you don't want to do anything at all. It makes you feel so low and there is no way out, no one could help. All I could do is the barest minimum with no sense of pleasure in life. I went to Hector because things were getting worse and all the consultants could was to give me pills and things were not getting better. Osteopathy was the last resort and amazingly it has saved me from more suffering

How did you feel after your first osteopathic treatment? Did you experience an immediate relief? If so, how long did this last for?
My first treatment made an immediate change behind my ear the bursting boil pain was less and there was not so much burning pain in the head, also the neck was not so crunchy which Hector said was because the muscles were not so tight, so the neck joint were not as compressed. Apparently tight neck muscle make the neck joints too tight. The itchiness moved more to the top of the head and scalp. Hector said that itchiness is often associated with nerve irritation, as also are tickles a sign of nerve irritation apparently. This change occurred almost at once after my first osteopathic treatment

How soon were you headache-free after your first treatment?

The symptoms were 6 out of ten better by the third visit. The terrible itching in the ear was gone. By the 7th treatment the pain was gone, something I had to live with daily, had blighted my life was gone it was unbelievable.

Have you had any headaches since your sixth visit?

After the 7th visit I was free of pain, it is brilliant, I can not tell you!

Has a health professional seen you since - i.e. neurologist or GP - and have they remarked on your recovery?

I have seen the ENT consultant who could not find anything, the same as the neurologist. No one except Hector could make sense of the symptoms and more importantly only osteopathy could change the depressing pain.

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