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We know Mum loves flowers but why not try something different this year? has a huge range of off-the-wall ideas that are sure to surprise and delight your mother. Not sure where to start? Check out our 15 top ideas from memory makers to good fun gifts and homely touches.

Memory Makers

1. Pictronic Light Up Picture Frame, £29.99,

This stylish white picture frame uses revolutionary thin-slice backlight technology to illuminate the picture it holds! It’s perfect to give a new lease of life to old and faded photographs allowing you to give your mum a very thoughtful family memento. The frame is designed for 7 x 5 images and can be used for either landscape or portrait. You can choose the brightness of the display enabling you to have a low ambient display or a full vibrant screen. It is only 1cm thick, features a scratch resistant finish and runs on just 9V making it both economical and safe.

2. Credit Card Digital Camera, £19.95,

This wafer-thin (just 5mm!) Digital Camera will fit in any bag or pocket so mum need never miss the chance to catch a memory again! What’s more it boasts a very respectable .3 megapixel resolution and has 8MB of built in memory. It can store up to 26 high resolution images or a massive 209 low resolution images and even comes with software so mum can email her pictures to friends and family. All for under £20!

3. Digital Pictureframe Keyring, £44.95,

This present is perfect to be personalised! The pocket sized (1.5”) TAO Digital Pictureframe Keyring comes with easy-to-use software so you can transfer up to 31 of your mum’s favourite photos onto the keyring before you give it to her. Now she can view them whenever she wants as either an automatic slideshow or manually. The keyring will stay charged for up to 1.5 hours and has a useful automatic switch off after 3 minutes of inactivity. The internal battery is easy to re-charge via any USB port.

Good fun gifts

4. Diet Decision Maker, £4.95,

If your mum has been battling the bulge and sometimes needs a little help to stick to her good intentions then this deceptive little ‘Cherry Bakewell’ could be the answer. The scrumptious looking cake is actually a talking fridge magnet that will spout one of 5 cheeky phrases whenever you push its cherry top: naughty pickers wear big knickers; a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips; those who indulge bulge; When the diet gets tough, the tough get chocolate; or a carrot cake does not count in your five-a-day! WARNING – only for mother’s with a good sense of humour!

5. Floating Duck Radio, £11.95,

For the mum who has everything! Choose either a classic yellow or a red and white ‘Love’ floating duck radio so she can catch Woman’s Hour or even radio 1 in the bath. This clever duckie’s head turns around to act as an on/off switch and also volume control. The AM / FM selection is tucked away on a wing and the batteries are tucked away out of site in a waterproof compartment.

6. World’s Largest Crossword Puzzle, £19.99,

For empty-nest mum’s everywhere this enormous World Record breaking crossword puzzle will not only fill a few days but also probably you’re whole old bedroom too! At 42 ¼ foot square this crossword has over 91,000 squares and nearly 25,000 clues. It can be hung on a wall, laid on the floor or folded for solving on a table.

7. Twilight Umbrella, £19.95,

Picture this . . . a twinkling light show of stare every time it rains! Mums everywhere will love this sparkling treat. The Twilight Umbrella has hundreds of blue fibre optic lights that glow at the touch of a button to illuminate those grey English skies.

8. USB Massager, £9.95,

Ideal for any busy mum who uses a computer as part of her day, these ingenious palm-sized USB massagers will ease her aches and pains without getting in the way of her day. Simply plug in the 6ft cable to any USB port, push the button and each little ball will start to vibrate at 3600rpm. Now use on shoulders, neck or even feet and let the little nobbles work their magic.

Homely touches
9. Rainbow Maker, £19.99,

Give your mum a chance to make a wish every day with this beautiful room-filling rainbow maker. Made from genuine Swarovski crystal, the Rainbow Maker loves to hang n a window where it can catch the rays of the sun. As the sunlight shines through the finely cut crystal it is transformed into gentle rainbows that twinkle around the house.

10. Mood Toast Stamp, £5.99,

Breakfast in bed is a sure-fire winner for Mother’s Day and can be made even better when your toast actually reads ‘Good Morning’ or ‘I Love You’. Simply stamp the break with the message of your choice and then toast as normal to get another year’s worth of brownie points.

11. Tea Light Candle Holder, £4.95,

Whether you are cooking for your mum or you just know she likes to entertain, these new Orchid Tea Light holders can add a dash if style to the setting. Made from twisted fire retardant fabric and a machined aluminium base designed to snugly hold a tea light candle, they are perfect to dot round the room or garden to create soft, appealing lighting to relax in.

12. Mood Bowl, £29.99,

A stylish white pearl glass bowl is great for any coffee table but perhaps not an especially surprising Mother’s Day gift. However, this particular bowl is no ordinary dish. Switch it on (mains adaptor supplied) and it will morph through a sequence of seven bright colours to create instant ambience to your home. Alternatively pause the sequence at the colour of your choice. The bowl makes an interesting and unusual centrepiece on its own or with fruit, pot pouri or even filled with water and floating candles.

13. Bath Pearls, £7.95,

What mum wouldn’t want to receive some pearly drops of heaven? These clever Bath Pearls bob up and down in the bath whilst gently emanating a series of soft colours designed to relax and rejuvenate. Tell her to switch off the lights and let the warm water and beautiful mood lighting soothe away her troubles whil you cook dinner downstairs . . .

When you are unable to be with her . . .

14. Wooden Postcard, £7.99,

Flowers are so yesterday, say it with wood! If you are unable to make it home this Mother’s Day then send a message that will stand the test of time. This brilliant wooden postcard is truly unique and bound to make mum smile. The wood is soft enough for you to scratch in an enduring message, with a house key or similar, and light enough to travel safely courtesy of Royal Mail.

15. Mathmos Phone Charms, £5.95,

Modern life so often takes us away from our family and technology helps us stay in touch. If you chat to mum on the phone regularly then why not enliven your calls with an attractive phone charm that flashes when she receives a call or a text. Choose a miniature lava lamp in blue or red/blue, or a little light bulb in blue or white. Remember this present only counts if you also remember to call!

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