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It is not only the UK government that has considered paying overweight people to lose weight. The message seems to have filtered through to the health and beauty industry and now women who undertake cellulite treatment in London’s LipoTherapeia clinic, get rewarded for their active participation in their treatment by receiving eight free extra treatments, worth £480. This is the latest motivation tool to encourage women to diet and exercise as part of their cellulite reduction treatment, devised by cellulite specialist, Georgios Tzenichristos.

It is well-accepted now that in most cases cellulite reduction is impossible with exercise and diet alone – topical treatment and anti-cellulite formulations are also needed to stimulate fat reduction locally, firming of the skin, lymphatic drainage and detoxification. On the other hand, this understanding led women to believe that they can get rid of their cellulite solely by receiving a treatment or applying a cream, which is not true, contrary to what some practitioners want women to believe.

“The anatomy of the cellulite tissue is such, that success with any cellulite reduction treatment depends not just on the quality of the cream or treatment applied but also on exercise and diet. This is because fat that is released by the treatment must be oxidized by the muscles, liver and other organs in order to be permanently expelled from the body”, explains Georgios. “Unless this happens, fat removal from the cellulite tissues is minimal and therefore the results of any cellulite treatment are either temporary or insubstantial

LipoTherapeia is a custom-made cellulite reduction approach that works on all six components of cellulite* through a combination of pressotherapy lymphatic drainage, mechanical cellulite tissue manipulation, manual cellulite massage, and the Lipo Actives, a natural, concentrated anti-cellulite cream featuring no less than 20 active natural ingredients (including vitamins, proteins, peptides, aminoacids, herbal extracts and essential oils). In addition, Georgios, a qualified nutritionist and exercise specialist, assists his clients in achieving their goals by offering them free nutrition and exercise consultancy, twice a week, throughout the duration of their course of treatments – usually sixteen sessions. Yet, one element Georgios can not control in his pursuit for what he calls “the perfect cellulite treatment”, is whether clients actually follow this advice or not.

Seeing that his most motivated clients achieve amazing results and literally become walking advertisements for the treatment, Georgios decided to reward motivated clients who lose weight gradually during their course with a generous offer of free treatments, worth almost half a thousand pounds. “This gradual fat loss”, Georgios describes, “ensures that the body effectively “burns” the fat whose release the treatment stimulates, thereby preventing it’s reabsorption by the cellulite-afflicted tissues. This maximises the effect of the treatment and the cream and offers long-term results and consequently customer satisfaction”.

In fact, Georgios offers his clients all the advice, support and motivation they need to achieve this goal and receive their bonus at the end of their course of treatments. For a service like that, word of mouth is the most powerful advertising, so obviously Georgios has a vested interest in his clients achieving their goals, however, “moral satisfaction is also important”, Georgios maintains. “Very few people in the health or beauty industry are there just for the money. Helping people improve their health, appearance and therefore self-esteem is also important, and seeing happy customers with a big smile on their face is as rewarding as having a successful practice”.

On the other hand it is equally demoralising for a therapist to see demotivated clients spend their time and money on treatments and at the same time indulge on the very things that undermine those treatments, so obviously Georgios has yet another vested interest in keeping them on the straight and narrow…

* Cellulite is a combination of six different elements that combine to form the different textures and shapes of the orange peel skin (peau d'orange) appearance: fat accumulation just below the skin surface, water retention, skin laxity, inflammation, toxin accumulation and connective tissue deterioration.

LipoTherapeia is a holistic cellulite reduction treatment exclusively offered by Georgios Tzenichristos from his practice in Kensington, London. Bookings can be made at or on 0800 0758 142.
The Lipo Actives anti-cellulite cream costs £120 for a 2-month supply and will be available worldwide from April 1st from

"Get paid to lose weight” offer:
This offer is open to all LipoTherapeia clients who book a course of sixteen 45-minute sessions of £60 each (total cost £960). Upon completion of their course, and the gradual loss of 8lbs (for women with body fat of less than 40%) and 8kgs (for women with body fat above 40%) 8 free sessions are offered, worth £480 (this corresponds to a 33% discount). Offer is not exchangeable for cash. Individual sessions are also available at £60 per treatment – but the offer only applies to prepaid courses.
All courses include free nutritional, lifestyle and exercise advice, specific to cellulite reduction, throughout their duration, to help clients achieve their goals and benefit from this unique offer.

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