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Treat this gift with caution -- this could be serious...

You know what they say about Leap Years, don't you? It's the only time in four years that girls can actually get away with proposing! This Valentine won't be safe for many guys, but girls, don't worry! With this Valentine's gift he will want to marry you anyway. Its not one of those normal gifts, where you spend loads of money on a gadget or something saucy, this one is different. It shows attitude, social responsibility and heart and no - it's not boring. Or since when is turning child soldiers into normal kids or making a small girl smile with some dance lessons boring? The Jubilee Action "Gift for Good" will show him not just how much you love him, but even more what a grown-up responsible person you are.

For guys, normally buying Valentine's gifts are pretty straight forward: chocolate and flowers, flowers and jewellery, some brave guys may even give lingerie or a beauty voucher. This year there is a Valentine's gift that could have serious consequences. So guys, before you give her this present be sure that she is the one you want to hold on to! The Jubilee Action "Gift for Good" will show her not just how much you love her, but even more what a grown-up responsible person you are.

Ok what is it? Just one more warning before we tell you: This gift shows social responsibility and heart ... are you really ready for that?

This year Jubilee Action, the children's charity, gives you the chance to support children all over the world with education, shelter, help and food. The gifts range from £10 to £40 and will support children in Rwanda, Brazil and India. But you don't just donate the money and that's it! In time for Valentine's Day you will receive a gift card for your loved one with details on whom you helped and with a blank space for your personal message. Could Valentine's be more romantic than that?

So just go to and choose your "Gift for Good". You will have the choice between giving education, building a home, helping run a community centre or filling up children's tummies.

Go girls! It's ladies turn this year! and guys… the only question remaining is if she proposes to you, because of the leap year, or you melt her heart with this gift, do you still have to pay for the ring?


About Jubilee Action:

Jubilee Action is a Christian based international human rights charity, dedicated to protecting children at risk and combating poverty. Our vision is to be instrumental in changing the lives of those who suffer unjustly. Our mission is to pioneer work with indigenous partners providing crucial care and shelter for children and families as well as investment for job creation within poor communities. Jubilee Action currently works in around 18 countries worldwide.

Jubilee Action Contact:

Caroline Saunders
Tel: 01483 230250

Press Contact:

Chaz Brooks / Uli Schiwon
Chazbrooks Communications
Tel: +44 (0)1483 537 890

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