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‘Shape up your bump’ with Vicky Warr

Riveting reading for all mums-to-be!

The suggestion: A weekly/monthly diary or one-off feature that is a funny and honest, no-details-spared account of the attempt of one first-time pregnant woman’s attempt to stay in shape. She wants a cute, growing bump without a lumpy, spreading bum.

What makes this story special is that this ‘mum to be’ is one of the UK’s top personal trainers, Vicky Warr who specialises in women’s fitness and fat loss.

Vicky Warr is now taking up her own challenge: To allow her bump to expand healthily – but keep the rest toned up.

Can Vicky follow her own advice?

How does she manage pregnancy challenges like depleting energy levels, nausea, weird cravings and an increased appetite?

How does she adapt her normal exercise routine to pregnancy?

What top tips can she give pregnant readers?

While the reader follows her story, they can relate to the hilarious personal anecdotes Vicky tells about her changing body shape, her body image, how to stay healthy and toned and dealing with the physical and mental challenges pregnancy presents.

In addition, mums-to-be will pick up top exercise and nutrition tips from Vicky along the way, giving them the tools they need for getting back in shape after the birth on a timescale that is realistic, not obsessive.

Vicky says: “My work is based on looking good so I’m walking advertisement for my own product. While I know that weight gain in pregnancy is natural and inevitable, letting myself go completely might mean losing my job! Now I'm pregnant it's even more of a challenge, what with food cravings, backache, tiredness and nausea! It would be great to have a pert bump atop an athletic body rather than an expanding bum.

“Pregnancy is not an illness and there’s plenty women can do as the birth approaches to keep active, eat well and stay in shape.”

This is not a medical reference but a funny, real and honest personal account of how Vicky will attempt to stay fit and healthy during pregnancy. The reader can empathise with the challenges she faces, and share her journey while picking up some top tips along the way.

Vicky doesn’t hide her own dilemmas. She knows the sheer hard work staying in shape can be but will illustrate how much fun it can be, even with an expanding bump.

During the diary, Vicky interviews women who look amazing after having their baby but to whom readers will relate – not just skinny, rich celebrities who get back into their size six jeans a week after the birth!

Each week/month, she reflects the concerns that mums-to-be have: eating properly during pregnancy and exercising safely before and after the birth. Vicky provides reassurance and practical advice on nutrition and exercise while she experiences what other pregnant women are going through.

Vicky Warr is currently 19 weeks pregnant and her bump is growing! To enable readers to follow her story, it’s important to move quickly.

For more information, contact:

Vicky Warr
Tel: 020 8 354 1583

Media enquiries:

Louisa Mousley, PR officer at the Beez Kneez
Tel: 020 8 354 1583


Victoria Warr is a Fitness Professionals and YMCA-accredited personal fitness trainer and Nutritionist with over nine years’ experience in coaching women from brides to new mums and busy executives. She is consultant and writer for, a nationwide youth fitness initiative and a regular contributor to BBC radio.

Vicky’s first baby is due on June 28.

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