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This year’s London Marathon takes place on 13 April, with tens of thousands of runners expected to compete. Sporting experts at London Marathon recommend a 24 week training programme prior to the big day, requiring ongoing commitment from those taking part, with hours of running put in behind the scenes.

That makes down-time with minor aches, pains and injuries even more frustrating, and with potentially weeks of training bring delayed by often minor setbacks, it’s worthwhile looking at the things you can do to help you stay on track with training:

• Common training injuries listed by London Marathon* include muscular aches and pains, knee pain and achilles injuries. Conventional treatments for running ailments have long included pain killers and in some cases TENS treatment which blocks the body’s ability to perceive the pain through a series of electrical impulses. But treating the pain of sports injury often only masks the symptoms rather than healing them. There’s now a new solution for runners which not only beats pain but is also thought to accelerate to body’s own healing process. NEW Pain Ease Micro-Current Wraps are a safe, convenient, non-evasive pain management device, which use micro-current therapy to effectively target aches and pains at source and speed up the recovery process.

• With the increase of physical activity runners will be putting their bodies through, their joints are likely to experience a significant amount of stress. Glucosamine is a safe and effective way to reduce joint pain and many athletes also use it to protect their joints, making a future injury less likely**. Optima ActivJuice contains the recommended daily amount of glucosamine, which the body is slow in producing by itself*** and is efficiently absorbed by the body with research showing that liquid glucosamine works more effectively than tablets****. ActivJuice is made with 50% pure fruit juice which makes it a tasty and convenient way to help maintain healthy joints and bones, as well as muscles, tendons and ligaments.

• In addition, as training runs get longer and further as the big event approaches, runners are likely to feel the strain the next day in the form of aches, pains and bruises. New Arnicare Arnica Soothing Spray makes it quick and easy to apply soothing arnica to large areas of skin, even in those hard to reach places. Not only is it great for soothing everyday bumps and knocks, but by massaging it into your skin after your training session, you can help revitalise limbs and minimise the chance of aching muscles the next morning.


Pain Ease Micro-Current Wraps

NEW Pain Ease Micro-Current Wraps are a safe, convenient, non-evasive pain management device, which use micro-current therapy to effectively target aches and pains at source.

What is Micro-Current Therapy?

Micro-Current Therapy is backed by over 50 years of clinical research* and has until now been traditionally administered in clinics by trained physiotherapists to relieve muscular and skeletal pain. Micro-current therapy works by allowing a low-level micro-current to flow through the painful area, to help the healing process while delivering effective pain relief, improving circulation and reducing inflammation.

How do Pain Ease Micro-Current Wraps work?

Pain Ease Micro-Current Wraps bring this revolutionary technology direct to consumers in a convenient wrap to deliver pain relief where it is needed most. Discreet enough to be worn comfortably under clothing, they wrap around the whole area of the pain source, allowing a carefully controlled micro-current that you can’t even feel to flow completely through it via a special conducting fabric.

Commenting on the efficacy of micro-current therapy in relieving pain, Sarah Bazin, head of physiotherapy at Birmingham’s Heart of England NHS Trust, says: “Micro-current therapy works by stimulating the pain source and in effect, helping the body to accelerate its own healing process. Pain Ease Micro-Current Wraps utilise exactly the same technology and I would recommend them to anyone seeking convenient and effective pain relief – they really do work”.

Colin Jackson, one Britain’s greatest all-time athletes, has battled through back and knee pain, including seven knee operations during his career. He has since found relief from Pain Ease Wraps and says: “Over the years, I’ve accepted the pain as a consequence of working my body so hard for so long. As an athlete, I use to spend so much of my time and money on physiotherapy. Now, I’ve finally found a solution to my pain that works and suits my lifestyle. I use Pain Ease Wraps at home and on the move to treat myself as and when I need it. I no longer have to live with ongoing discomfort or spend hours on the physio couch – Pain Ease Micro-Current Wraps really have been a lifesaver!”

Pain Ease Micro-Current Wraps from Lifes2good are available exclusively at or by calling 0845 399 0035.

Pain Ease Micro-Current Wraps are recommended for:
Back pain, Arthritis and fibromyalgia, Painful tension in the neck and shoulders, Sports injuries, Muscle aches and pains, Tennis elbow, Stiff knee or shoulder joint pain, and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The range includes:

• Pain Ease Micro-Current Knee Wrap (£29.95)
• Pain Ease Micro-Current Back Wrap (£29.95)
• Pain Ease Micro-Current Shoulder Wrap (£32.95)
• Pain Ease Micro-Current Neck Wrap (£27.95)
• Pain Ease Micro-Current Elbow Wrap (£29.95)
• Pain Ease Micro-Current Wrist Wrap (£22.95)
• Pain Ease Micro-Current Ankle Wrap (£27.95)

• Maniadakis A, Gray A., The economic burden of back pain in the UK., Pain 2000;84:95-103

** A compilation document of key research on micro-current therapy is available on request

Notes to editors:

• All Pain Ease Wraps come with a snap-on replaceable battery unit that lasts for up to four months. For best results, the wraps should be worn for up to eight to 12 hours daily

• Pain Ease Micro-Current Wraps is not to be confused with TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator). TENS blocks the body’s ability to perceive the pain, where as Pain Ease Micro-Current Wraps achieve pain relief by regenerating damaged tissue, therefore repairing the pain source.

• Pain Ease Wraps are not suitable for pregnant women or people using pacemakers or transdermal drug delivery patches

Optima Active Juice

Optima Active Juice is priced at £6.99 for 500ml or £11.99 for 1 litre and is available from Holland & Barrett and selected Waitrose and Tesco stores, pharmacies and health food stores. For nearest stockist details please call 0870 850 7114.

Arnicare Arnica Spray

New Arnicare Arnica Spray quickly covers large areas of skin prone to muscle aches or bruising easily, making it ideal for sports fans. Arnica an effective healing treatment for everyday bumps and bruises and the Arnicare Arnica Spray can be applied without the need to touch the skin, thus eliminating further discomfort.

Arnicare Arnica Spray has been developed with the 100% natural alpine flower Arnica Montana; arnica is one of the most popular herbal and homeopathic remedies worldwide. Proven to be an effective treatment for bruising and more effective than placebo at relieving aching muscles, a study published in The Pharmaceutical Journal* confirms the healing properties of arnica.

Nelsons Arnicare Arnica Spray has a cocoa butter base so it also moisturises when used after the post gym shower. It is priced at £4.95 for 50ml and is available from pharmacies and health food stores nationwide. Please visit for more information.
* Leivers, The Pharmaceutical Journal, Vol.275, No 7365, 3 Sept 2005.

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