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Drinking the water piped to our taps is more environmentally responsible than drinking bottled water in plastic. As last night’s BBC Panorama programme highlighted, the £2bn British bottled water industry uses oil to make the plastic, transportation, as well as space in landfill sites. The programme showed that the most expensive litre of water at £ 21 sold in Claridges was imported from Fiji where locals have difficulty in getting fresh drinking water.

It is possible to have good quality water straight from the tap which reduces your carbon footprint and increases well-being.

Grander Water produce a simple unit that can be plumbed into the inlet valve of the cold water mains. The unit contains highly energised water which “transmits” energy to the adjacent water in the system. No chemicals or salts are involved, and nothing is either added to the water or taken away. The quality of the water is improved and it has the vitality of water at its source in a spring – but without the need for damaging plastic bottles, packaging and transportation.

(The Grander Effect:

“Many of our units are sold to people who want to drink and bathe in purer water” explains Christine Smith of Grander Water, “and the effects they report include improved energy, softer and healthier skin as well as the fact that they naturally begin to enjoy drinking water.” In 2004 Egon Ronay found that Grander Water was “full-bodied” and the superior taste in a blind test of bottled and tap water.

Many people and animals are dehydrated. Chris Hicks, a businessman, disliked drinking water, but was told to increase his water intake before a number of serious operations on his vocal chords. With Grander Water he found that he naturally wanted to drink, and the doctors were amazed by his rapid post operative recovery. Animals too, can be dehydrated: Felicity Wilson the horse healer installed Grander Water in preference to water softening treatment. She noticed an immediate reduction in limescale and one particular horse who had refused to drink started drinking naturally and made a remarkable recovery back to health.

(Grander and Equine Health:

Grander Water is already being used in the UK in organic bakeries and projects where the high quality of materials is essential. Ingrid Greenfield of Artisan Bread found Grander Water to be the best natural cleaning agent for the pipes to the bakery’s proving oven, and that limescale, which had been a serious problem, was removed easily with no chemical agents. Katherine Jones an architect who has been featured on Grand Designs is passionate about sustainable build: “I ensure that Grander Water is used when creating the fabric of the building, as well as having it on tap when the building is complete”.

In Austria where Grander Water originated it is widely used in hotels and swimming pools, and well as in industry, including at Daimler Benz where it helps to improve manufacturing processes.

Grander Water technology was developed by Johann Grander, the Austrian naturalist, and has been a hallmark of excellence for over 30 years. It is imported in the UK by Ultimate Water

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