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The UK manufacturers of the PelvicToner vaginal exerciser have laid down a challenge to millions of women who want to improve their sex lives

Contrary to recent articles, Barry Fowler, claims that every woman has a G-spot. Making it work properly is just a matter of them using a simple device that he has developed specifically to help make the G-spot more prominent and more sensitive to stimulation.

He is looking to recruit the largest number of women ever to complete the 2008 Orgasm Survey. In return for completing a survey he is confident that they will notice an improvement in their sex lives – and they will also receive a £10 shopping voucher.

Research by Emmanuele Jannini, published last week, seems to perpetuate the myth that 9 out of 10 women cannot achieve vaginal orgasm, in this case because of an anatomical defect. Jannini found a ‘thickening of the tissue’ in the vaginal wall in women who could achieve vaginal orgasm. The vast majority of women do not have this ‘thickening’ which he says explains why they cannot find their G-spot and do not get vaginal orgasms.

This is clearly the same tissue that Arnold Kegel, of the eponymous pelvic floor exercises, referred to in work published in 1952 when he identified a clear link between a well developed pelvic floor muscle (ie a thickening of the muscle wall) and the ability to have a vaginal orgasm. He didn’t have access to ultrasound but he physically measured the strength that women had in their pelvic floor and stated categorically that there seemed to be a link between strong muscle tone and the ability to achieve orgasm. In his research, women who thought they were sexually dysfunctional were shown by Kegel how to exercise the pelvic floor correctly against a resistance. Over 2/3 of them achieved orgasm for the first time!

Barry, a physiologist by background, says: “The pelvic floor is like any other muscle – use it or lose it! This confirmation of the link between the pelvic floor, the G-spot and the ability to achieve vaginal orgasm should provide the motivation for all women to exercise effectively and regularly.”

“The feed back we get from customers is fantastic. In a recent survey over 8 out of 10 users of the PelvicToner programme reported an improved sex life within 4 weeks! The fact that we have already sold over 50,000 PelvicToners through internet sales indicates that the need is huge!”

The PelvicToner exerciser meets all the exercise requirements identified by Arnold Kegel and
helps the brain and vagina link together to appreciate the sexual experience by building the appropriate neural pathways. Sex specialists confirm that using the PelvicToner leads to more frequent orgasms of greater intensity because the exercise improves blood flow and increase nerve endings.

The PelvicToner only costs £29.99.

Women interested in improving their sex life should visit
The PelvicToner can also be ordered by ringing 0117 968 7744.


For more information contact Barry Fowler or on 0117 968 0171 or 07768 233670

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