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The Government has stated that they want to introduce wider health screening so that degenerative diseases are detected at an earlier stage. This strategy will no doubt help to detect early signs of cancers etc but will be an extremely expensive exercise.

New technology recently introduced to the UK offers a cost effective alternative for people to understand better the current state of their health, allowing them to take appropriate action. This patented technology scans the interstitial fluids of the body using a technique called bio-impedance. The scan only takes 3 minutes to complete with the patient simply being connected to six electrodes. Then the sophisticated software computes the readings and produces a wealth of information including:

• A graph of body composition
• A picture modelling the major organs of the body highlighting areas of possible dysfunction
• Pictures modelling the heart and brain including estimates of blood pressure readings and oxygen levels.
• Estimates of the following parameters compared to a healthy person: Biochemical levels (triglycerides, cholesterol, glucose, urea) Electrolytes, Hormonal levels, Acid/ Alkali levels in the interstitial fluids, Oxidative Stress levels, Neurotransmitter levels.
• A statistical risk analysis highlighting major health risk areas.

When people get to see a visual model of their major organs giving estimations of the levels of organ function/ dysfunction this has a dual effect. Firstly if there are areas of serious dysfunction that need further investigation then the EIS device will make recommendations. Secondly, when they see a representation of their current health status this can act as a catalyst to get them to take positive action to make the necessary diet and lifestyle choices that will lead to an improvement in the health of their organs.

The EIS-health scan biosensor is not a diagnostic tool, but highlights potential problem areas that might warrant further investigation. In addition to the analysis the programme will give recommendations in respect of diet and micro-nutrition based on the biochemical and body composition data.

This new technique is ideal for health practitioners both alternative and allopathic to get an overview of their client’s health. It is ideal for practitioners taking a holistic view of the body. In comparison to a full body scan which can cost upwards of £600 a scan with the EIS system is very quick, non invasive and practitioners normally charge £50 to £70 for the service.

There are now nearly 2000 EIS systems in use in Europe and North America used by a wide range of practitioners including specialist hospital consultants. The scanning system is supplied in the UK by Biomedical Technology Ltd who are happy to demonstrate to interested practitioners.

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