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Allergies, asthma and other respiratory problems are on the increase. According to the USA’s Environmental Protection Agency, indoor air can be up to 5-10 times more polluted than outside air. They also report that indoor air pollution is a major contributing factor to allergy and asthma type symptoms and one of the leading environmental health threats in America.

The situation is much the same in Europe and is likely to worsen with increased use of ducted heating and cooling systems in homes as well as public and commercial buildings. Recent legislation requiring new homes and buildings to be made more airtight will only worsen the situation.

In addition to airborne dust particles, chemicals, pollens, pesticides, bacteria, dust mites and mould spores that plague homes and offices, many people unwittingly pollute their own air with synthetic furnishings, cigarette smoke, pet fur, cat litter trays, chemical-laden household cleaning products and aerosols such as hair spray and insecticides.

Technology Marketing Management (TMM) has announced the availability in Europe of a range of advanced technology electronic air purification systems for residential, commercial and industrial applications along with a host of other appliances for healthier indoor living. ActivePure(tm) technology from Quest United (Europe) and EcoQuest (USA) is proven in university studies to kill up to 99.99% of bacteria, viruses and mould on surfaces including MRSA, antibiotic resistant Staph and Avian Bird Flu. The technology kills germs by duplicating the effects of nature and is made available as standalone units or as a modular component for use in HVAC ducting.

Known as Radiant Catalytic Ionization (RCI), the primary air purification technology used in ActivePure is so advanced that the Pentagon used it after 9/11, the Red Cross used it during the California wildfires and now many schools, as well as many major companies are using it to purify the air indoors. In the UK Clevedon Hospital is using the equipment to kill odours and protect the hospital and its patients from infections such as MRSA and Norovirus, as reported on the BBC’s website at MRSA,Norovirus

This technology has improved the air quality for millions of people, with over 7,000,000 such purifiers in use worldwide. The most popular product – the aptly named Fresh Air - uses microprocessor-based technology which is designed so that the air does not have to be sucked to the purifier. Unlike an air filter, this purifier actually goes out and attacks pollutants at their source. The unit, about the size of a small bookcase stereo speaker, replicates the cleansing power of a thunderstorm to purify and sanitize indoor air and surfaces in an area up to 250 sq.mtrs. A version is also available for ducted HVAC systems, the DuctWoRx, to treat areas up to 1000sq.mtrs.

EcoQuest is the only purifier range to be officially Space Certified by the Space Foundation, in conjunction with NASA, as containing the same type of technology used to scrub and purify the air inside spacecraft! Although not medical devices, many allergy, asthma and sinus sufferers rave about this technology and the relief they experience from breathing the clean air they produce.

More Information

More information on the EcoQuest technology and product range can be found on the internet at air purifier or for readers in the USA air purifier ecoquest where test reports from the universities of Kansas State and Cincinatti can be downloaded.

How the Fresh Air unit works

Combining high intensity UVX light with a specially developed rare metal hydrophilic coating on an engineered matrix, Radiant Catalytic Ionization (RCI) reduces airborne contaminants and odours while creating super-oxide ions and hydro peroxides. These products of EcoQuest’s Advanced Oxidation Process continue working to reduce more odours and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and to attack micro-organisms. The exclusive “Space Certified” RCI technology is a major part of the SynAirG™ process that is built into every Fresh Air unit.

RC, UVX light and the Sun

By engineering the proper light wavelengths into the RCI cell, EcoQuest has developed a highly effective system designed to utilize germicidal UV light at 254nm. Falling between visible UV light and invisible X-Rays in the light spectrum, UVX makes use of the same oxidation and ionizing properties of light as naturally occurring sunlight. RCI is created by taking advantage of these ionizing properties and combining them with the photo catalytic reactions of specific rare and noble metals. This innovative use of light is what helps make RCI so effective.

Inside the unit

Air enters through the back where electrostatic filtration reduces dust and allergens. Next, germicidal UVX light helps destroy germs while the RCI cell creates hydro-peroxides, super-oxide ions and safe oxidizers to reduce odours and airborne contaminants. A special SynAirG plate comes into operation when the unit is in High Mode to accelerate the reduction of smoke and odours and in Away Mode for increased effectiveness in unoccupied areas.

EcoQuest SynAirG’s unique blend of positive and negative ions are injected into the air stream just before leaving the unit. The treated, highly active air continues working far beyond the unit reducing or eliminating many air quality problems at their source.

More Information

More information on the EcoQuest technology and product range can be found on the internet at air purifier ecoquest or for readers in the USA air purifier ecoquest where test reports from the universities of Kansas State and Cincinatti can be downloaded.


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