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Peace of Mind for Parents

Middlesex – 10th March 2008: The PhoneShield is being re-launched in response to the continuing growth of mobile telephony in the UK. The PhoneShield is an innovative product that reduces the effects that can be experienced as a result of radiation from mobile phones. The PhoneShield is small, discreet and can be easily attached to any mobile phone.

8 out of 10 adults in the UK now have a mobile phone, as do 90% of secondary school children(1). The under 10’s category is the fastest-growing section of Britain's mobile phone market(2). Statistics such as these will be cause for concern for parents as children’s cells are still developing and may be more susceptible to radiation. However, with the growth of the communication culture most parents now feel they have no choice but to buy their child a mobile phone. The PhoneShield can give parents peace of mind that they are taking responsible action to protect their children.

The PhoneShield uses quartz crystals to help reduce the effects caused by low frequency non-thermal radiation. This can cause a range of effects including muscle weakness, headaches, tiredness and confusion. It has also recently been reported to disturb sleep patterns(3) as well as effecting the immune system, hearing, memory, decision-making, concentration and vision. These can often be dismissed but each can lead to more serious and longer term health conditions. The effectiveness of the PhoneShield can be demonstrated by applying kinesiology(4) techniques to show the clear detrimental effect on muscle strength which is experienced during use of a mobile phone.

The PhoneShield is distributed solely by Natural Health & Leisure Products and is now available online at or by calling 01923 845233.

PhoneShield is also available nationally from many independent pharmacies, leading department stores and natural health stores such as Fresh& Wild. (RRP £9.99).

The need to reduce radiation or protect users from the effects of radiation has been suspected for many years. The physical effects from radiation on the human body are accepted by scientists, but proof that those effects are harmful has been hard to identify. However, the 2007 BioInitiative Report concluded that existing public safety limits for mobile phone radiation are inadequate(5). The British Medical Association(6) recommends a precautionary approach to mobile phones; as does the World Health Organisation(7), which also suggest that individuals may wish to limit their own or their children’s exposure to RF (radio frequency) radiation if they are concerned. This recommendation surfaced in the media yet again in February 2008, following a Tel Aviv study. Its author Dr Siegal Sadetzki says, “Some technologies that we use today carry a risk. The question is not if we use it, but how we use it.”(8)

New technologies are emerging all the time, which increases concern about the potential impact of radiation on our health. The demand for anytime, anywhere, any distance communication and information is driving a steady and inexorable increase in our exposure to radiation from electronic devices.

The PhoneShield is the first of a family of products that are being developed in Britain to help reduce the effects of radiation from a range of devices which include mobile phones, cordless phone base stations, cordless phone handsets and Wi-Fi hubs. The first companion product is the CompuShield which reduces the effects that can be experienced by people as a result of radiation from PC monitors and laptop computers.



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4. Kinesiology is the scientific study of physiology and mechanics of body movement. Applied kinesiology is a form of diagnosis which uses muscle testing as the primary mechanism to examine how a body is performing and is widely used within complementary medicine.

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Note to Editors:

The kinesiology test is available for any journalist interested in seeing the effect of radiation on muscle strength and the reduction in those effects which the PhoneShield can deliver. A very strong range of images including cutouts is also available for press publication.

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