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If someone said you could drop a dress size and lose inches from around your waist after just nine days, you would ask ‘what’s the gimmick?’. With so many fads, elimination diets and fitness crazes coming – and going – everyday, there’s no wonder skepticism sets in. However, The Look Great Naked program from one of the world’s highest regarded fitness experts, Dax Moy, has turned skeptics in to converts in just a matter of days.

The entire Look Great Naked programme by Dax Moy lasts 90 days, however, candidates can sign up to a FREE nine day trial and this is where huge success has already been seen. This trial has already been accessed by approximately 10,000 people, with phenomenal results – seeing over 95% drop an entire dress size – safely and effectively – in just nine days.

The free trial gives you access to:

- Full dietary plans for those nine days

- Recipe ideas that complement Dax’s now famous Elimination Diet

- Exercise ‘worksheets’ to follow complete with photographs and explanations

- Streaming Video so you can watch and learn how to do the exercises most effectively

- Mp3 audio downloads that include dietary and motivational tracks as well as cutting-edge interviews with fat loss experts so that you can learn on the move

- Supportive daily emails that keep you focused and on track by telling you exactly what you need to do for each day of the program

Even those who regularly exercise have seen amazing results. One leading health and fitness journalist who took part in the trial says; “The results have been fantastic, I feel and look amazing. My podgy tummy has gone, I feel strong and toned and have more energy. It's one of the best things I've ever done for myself.”

There is no commitment to carry on after those 90 days unless you wish to, and unlike many programmes, you do not surrender payments or credit card details in order to start the trial. This step was a key factor for creator Dax Moy, who wanted to challenge the fitness industry’s hype. He says; “During my ten years in the fitness industry I have seen more empty claims, hype and quite frankly rip-off merchants demanding money for no results, than I can care to count. There are not many fitness so-called professionals who will actually put their money where their mouth is. I am so confident that this programme works that I want as many people as possible to try it – for free – to see for themselves. To me, that’s the ONLY way to prove it really works, and with this week being National Obesity week, it seems fitting that I should share it now.” Dax has set a target of – and is well on his way to - getting 10,000 people to drop a dress size in just 9 days.

And what’s the amazing Look Good Naked secret? Dax says; “It’s just a matter of working SMART, rather than working hard. Many people are prepared to put in the time and effort, but if they’re not spending that time and effort in an effective way, then it’s wasted energy. When you look at it like that, it’s simple.” Plus Dax says that anyone can succeed if they get enough knowledge, support and accountability – which is what his programme aims to do through full web and email support and by connecting a network people on the same programme.

He goes on to say “The results are possible for EVERYONE, but they do come at a price. Anyone who tells you results come by eating what you want and from just two minutes exercise a day is a liar. The truth is, there is always price that MUST be paid and that price is dedication, commitment and sticking to the programme. It’s not easy, but do it and the results are guaranteed.”

The full 90 day program, which is available online at, contains the following:

- Fresh fitness programs every 2 weeks of the program to keep participants from going stale and getting bored

- Ongoing nutritional support and guidance including Dax’s Elimination Diet and ‘Wave diet’ which he uses to regularly smash through fat loss plateaus

- Day-in, day-out support and motivation for the entire 90 days. The missing ingredient of most ongoing fat loss plans.

- Access to community forums and blogs where you can support and be supported by other participants

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Dax Moy has several case-studies currently in the programme who are willing to share their experiences. For details on these case studies and for further information contact Nisha at Dax Moy Personal Training Studios on 0207 354 3550

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