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"…What are the worst foods for cellulite? What exercise will help me the most to reduce cellulite? Is this fat on my legs or fluid retention? Does my IBS affect my cellulite? What can I do for loose skin on my stomach after pregnancy?” The Lipo Consultation, a new service provided in London by cellulite expert Georgios Tzenichristos aims to accurately answer these and hundreds of other questions and offer practical and effective solutions to the problem of cellulite that are accessible to every woman – not just the ones with an unlimited budget.

The above questions are just some of the hundreds of queries about cellulite that women “bombard” their beauty therapists, nutritionists, exercise instructors and the press with. Most of these questions are not answered correctly because they are not answered by experts. A nutritionist may know how to help with weight loss but because they are not specialised in cellulite reduction they cannot specifically help with cellulite. A beauty therapist may know how to apply an anti-cellulite treatment but they usually lack the nutrition and physiology knowledge to explain exactly what they are doing or answer any nutrition-related or other technical questions. A personal trainer will insist that exercise is all that’s needed, which as all women know is not true: exercise helps but does not remove cellulite on it’s own. And information found in the press is too general and conflicting to be of any use to an individual.

Unfortunately there are too few true cellulite experts and most of them concentrate on providing treatments rather than enlightening clients with information and advice, which leaves women who cannot afford regular treatments with very few options.

However, London-based cellulite specialist Georgios Tzenichristos, now offers exactly what is missing: the first cellulite-specific nutritional, exercise and lifestyle consultancy, to help every woman understand the causes of cellulite in her specific case and what she needs to do to reduce it - either at home (with the right exercise, diet, self-treatment and the appropriate creams), or at a specialised clinic.

“Professional cellulite treatments are not enough and will never reduce cellulite if they are not accompanied by the right exercise, diet and lifestyle regime“, Georgios asserts. “Although I do provide such treatments, I make it clear to my clients from the beginning that the treatment is only part of the solution, as cellulite fat removed by a treatment must be “burned” by the client - otherwise it will inevitably return back to the client’s thighs. The body never throws fat away - if it doesn’t burn it, it safely stores it in your bum and thighs again”. Who said that cellulite therapists are not honest?

Having treated more than 1,000 clients in the last nine years, Georgios, a qualified nutritionist, body therapist, exercise instructor, aromatherapist and cellulite cream formulator, learned to value the impact the right nutrition, exercise and lifestyle plan can have on any cellulite reduction treatment, and that’s why he now offers the Lipo Consultancy. Clients get a full assessment (cellulite type and grade assessment, body fat measurement, skin firmness/elasticity measurement,) and after a full analysis of their lifestyle, diet and exercise patterns, they receive a personalised cellulite reduction plan that can either be used as a standalone solution, in combination with creams and the self-massage Georgios teaches during the consultation, or in combination with treatments that they may have with him or at other clinics.

To further assist his clients that cannot afford regular treatments, Georgios has developed his own natural, comprehensive and concentrated anti-cellulite creams. “Most women can have treatment once or twice a week, and sometimes even less often, which leaves them without assistance in their fight against cellulite for the rest of the week”, Georgios points out. “A good cellulite cream, applied twice a day, offers action against cellulite 24/7, something that can not be achieved with a treatment, and provides excellent value for money, considering that for the price of one or two treatments you have a cream that helps you for 2-3 months. On the other hand, treatments, even in the form of self-massage help in ways that no cellulite cream can”.

The moral of the story is that for cellulite reduction an integrated approach is needed – treatments only, creams only, diet only and exercise only are not enough. Georgios has provided all of these to his well-heeled Kensington clientele for years, but now he is setting his sight to helping every London woman with the Lipo Consultation.

About the Lipo Consultation

The Lipo Consultation is available at two central London locations, Marylebone (Seymour Place, W1) and Mayfair (New Bond Street, W1), lasts one hour and costs £80. A two-hour consultation and treatment combination costs £120, saving £40 off the cost of two separate sessions.
The two-hour cellulite treatment/consultation combination is also available at clients’ homes in Kensington, Chelsea, Mayfair, Marylebone, Knightsbridge and other London locations.
All clients receiving the Lipo Consultation will also receive a complimentary 50ml jar of each of the Lipo Actives Classic and the Lipo Actives Plus, Georgios’ professional-strength anti-cellulite creams.

For bookings and more information please contact Georgios on 0800 0758 142, at or visit|.

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