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Number Sense Developmental Profile

We had tried everything possible with one child in Year 6 who, despite additional support, still had difficulties with maths.

Teachers are now able to intervene early and support children with this neurological condition as well as picking up on pupils who have gaps in their learning due to co-occuring difficulties where their thinking and application of numbers is compromised.

The assessment reports explain precisely what help is needed and signpost teachers to appropriate interventions and resources, making differentiation quick, easy and more effective.

Until now, the qualifying process for maths interventions was based on analysis, tracking outcomes from classroom assessments, teacher judgement and APP analysis. Most pupils with maths difficulties were then grouped together for maths support. For the small group of children with developmental dyscalculia whose needs are very different from children with maths developmental delays, this practice is ineffective – they require a more targeted intervention.

Dynamo Profiler signposts teachers to specific interventions to circumvent the difficulty using a mullti-modal approach. The outcomes show that developmental dyscalculia can be improved. Janice Reynold, headteacher at Newburgh Primary School, Near Wigan, says: "We had tried everything possible with one child in Year 6 who, despite additional support, still had difficulties with maths. However, Dynamo Profiler identified specific gaps in her learning and produced an intervention plan to support us to rectify these. As a result, she went on to achieve a solid Level 4 in her maths SATS last year."

Commenting on Dynamo Profiler, Karima Esmail, managing director of Jelly James says: "Improving children’s maths skills has a huge impact on them. As they discover that they can succeed in a subject that people are traditionally proud to admit “they can’t do”, they grow in confidence and I’ve seen their engagement in school improve as a result. Dynamo Profiler also makes teachers’ lives easier because the program highlights where the difficulty lies, and precisely what intervention will make a difference. Now they can identify small groups of children with the same challenge, and work with them together on that specific issue."


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