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The humble sex doll; once reserved for the lonely, male lover with a penchant for plastic has made a recent come-back, and following a nation-wide survey by sex toy retailer, the results are shocking!

Where the gradual shift in longer and anti-social working hours has taken its toll on our social lives, and more notably our love lives, we’ve now turned to the likes of internet dating and digital self-pleasure to while away the lonely nights. But for all the love of technology and it’s benefits of keeping the flames of passion alive, there’s been a subtle insurgence of a pleasure product which most would assume was left back in the 70s, back-alley sex shop from whence it originally came! The sex doll.

After noticing that their website category page for ‘Sex Dolls’ was appearing in the top 10 of the most visited pages every month via online retailers,, they decided to dig a little further into what their customers really thought of the blow-up babes.

Emma Podmore, Marketing and PR manager for the retailer published a simple poll via their blog which outlined questions such as “Would you buy a sex doll?” and “Do you own a sex doll” and was astonished at the results,

“After compiling the data of over 4,000 participants it was abundantly clear that the attitudes of people had really shifted positively towards sex dolls; showing 40% of people responding with “That’s Fine” when asked the question “What would you think if you found out a lover had/used a Sex Doll?”. More intriguingly, a whopping 26% of those asked responded with “Let’s use one together!”. It was also very interesting to find that although 77% hadn’t ever bought a sex doll, 47% of the same participants also responded with “I want to try one”, when asked “What’s your opinion of Sex Dolls?”. Of those who had admitted to already owning a sex doll, 46% claimed that it was “Better than masturbating” and 37% confessed that it “Stimulates fantasies”. So as you can see, there’s clearly more than meets the eye when it comes to the popularity of inflatable lovers!”

As a result, the retailer has since expanded their Sex Doll offerings, adding not only varying races and dress sizes of doll, but celebrity look-a-like dolls too, including ‘Katy Pervy', ‘Kinky Kim’, ‘Just-in Beaver’!

With Christmas just around the corner, it would seem that although many said they wouldn’t buy a sex doll, there were still plenty who would still try one! We know what people’s Christmas lists are looking like this year!


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