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The three components are designed to support the scalability and performance needs of content heavy, high-traffic websites

Unlimited cache sizing, increased caching performance and customized cache optimization support content-heavy, high-traffic sites

Oslo, London and New York - November 18, 2014 - Varnish Software, the company behind Varnish Cache, one of the world’s most popular web caches announced today the release of its new components Varnish Massive Storage Engine, Varnish High Availability and Varnish Tuner. "The three components are designed to support the scalability and performance needs of content heavy, high-traffic websites" and are available as part of the commercial Varnish Plus offering immediately.

“For most consumers, websites are now the pivotal point of interaction with companies. If information and content isn’t delivered instantly, they will seek alternatives that are just a mouse-click away,” explains Per Buer, founder and CTO of Varnish Software. “The three new Varnish Plus components respond to the needs of the top ten percent of Varnish Cache users by delivering unlimited cache sizing, increased caching performance and customized cache optimization.”

Unlimited cache sizing with Varnish Massive Storage Engine
The new Varnish Massive Storage Engine tackles the problems of content-heavy sites by allowing the Varnish caching layer to handle multi-terabyte data sets. This makes it possible to cache almost unlimited objects while the website performance remains stable over time. The Varnish Massive Storage Engine is targeted at business with large data sets such as online retailers, image banks, video distributors or Content Distribution Networks and enables them to deliver high quality content within their current infrastructure while pushing the bounds of modern web experience delivery.

Increased caching performance and resilience with Varnish High Availability
Varnish High Availability is a high performance content replicator that eliminates cache misses (when an item looked up in the cache is not found) and ensures the stability of the Varnish Cache set-up. By protecting the backend infrastructure from overload caused by cache misses, it increases website performance and minimizes the risk of frustrated visitors leaving websites. Varnish High Availability is for Varnish Cache users whose sites are business-critical. It can be installed with any multi-cache Varnish Cache setup, giving you a highly available active-active caching cluster.

Customized cache optimization with Varnish Tuner
Varnish Tuner automates customized cache optimization in both the Varnish and operating system environments. It recommends configuration options for the Varnish Cache set-up including how the operating system should be tuned, which cache parameters should be changed or replaced and also explains these recommendations. Varnish Tuner makes it possible for businesses to find the specific set-ups that best matches their resources and needs, resulting in better website performance.

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About Varnish Software
Varnish Software delivers the world's most widely used HTTP accelerator based on open source. Varnish Cache was originally developed in Norway and has since spread to 1.7 million sites worldwide. It is currently used by some of the world's most influential websites such as The BBC, The New York Times, Morningstar, Vimeo, Bell, Nikon,
Transport for London and many more. Varnish Software's business model is to provide support, services and enterprise-level components for Varnish Cache via their primary product Varnish Plus.

Varnish Software has offices in London, New York, San Francisco, Stockholm, Oslo, Paris and Zurich. Its majority owner is Neqst, an investment firm focused exclusively on technology and technology-enabled companies. For more information, please visit:

For further information please contact.
Per Buer, Founder & CTO of Varnish Software
cell: +47 958 39 117

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