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Valentine's Day will be here in just a few short weeks and for many, it's one of those occasions that can sneak up on us. Well, this year we think doing Valentine's Day the right way should be made a little bit easier.

The biggest thing we worry about is making sure we get just the right gift, and getting something truly special takes time. So, to help you out, here is a gift guide that'll help you find an amazing garment or accessory for that special someone.

The Best Gift Today, Is Something From Yesterday

You often hear that timeless is always better than something current and chic. Timeless items last forever but the stuff that's in vogue today will go out of style and won't be as exciting a few weeks from now.

With clothing, this is particularly true. The best choice for treating your loved one is always something that's looked good before as well as now. Take a fashion designer like Trasparenze, for instance.

Trasparenze make tights and stockings that are absolutely stunning and it's a fantastic accessory to a tasteful evening outfit. They use some beautiful things in their leg wear like floral patterns and decorative designs the look like something Marie Antoinette might wear.

A pair of stockings like this is exactly what you might be looking for when it comes to Valentine's Day, but it's also a tasteful gift as well as a sexy one.

Complex designs aren't always the first thing people think of when they hear the word "timeless", but timeless doesn't always mean simple. Something that's ornate is fantastic if you wear it with the right outfit. But whilst we're on the topic...

Keep It Simple

Of course, there's definitely something to be said for keeping it simple and there's nothing simpler than a back-seam when it comes to patterns and motifs, but a back-seam is still one of the most stunning things a woman can wear.

A narrow, dark line that runs down the back of her leg, curving with the contours of her own figure, is an alluring thing indeed. It's because it's simple that it's so powerful, like red lipstick on porcelain skin.

A back seam is one of the best ways to bring something truly beautiful to an outfit and a classic choice for a Valentine's Day gift.

One of the best designers of back seam items is Gio, a British designer that specialises in subtle and timeless seams.

Confidence Is The Sexiest Thing

One thing that we've mentioned already is making sure the underwear and hosiery you choose is sexy and feminine. It's definitely something you should consider when shopping around for something gorgeous for Valentine's Day.

A cosy cable knit is timeless too, but it's not a Valentine's favourite. But then again, a garment that leaves little to the imagination might not be the right thing either. The trick is choosing something that your special someone will be comfortable wearing.

You may have your eye on something ornate and classic, but make sure it's something that will make her feel sexier, not more self-conscious. If it's a beautiful pair of stockings or hold ups to go with her little black dress, pick something she'll be comfortable wearing and that's her sort of thing.

If she doesn't normally wear bright colours, for example, choose black rather than all the red and pink you find around Valentine's.

Something that's classically sexy like lace can be a good idea, but it's a bold thing to wear and some ladies don't like the roughness of a lace fabric. Some women can't stand the idea of fishnets and prefer something more subtle.

Confidence is sexy, so at the end of the day, choosing something that your loved one will enjoy wearing is more important that what you think might look good.

A great designer we recommend for these kinds of items would be Wolford. Their designs are subtle and gorgeous and anyone who's tried them absolutely loves their work.


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