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Secure Remote Access

London and Athens, Tuesday February 4, 2015

Leading Remote Control Company Akeydor Limited ( who specializes on Remote Control Solutions for the Enterprise market, is today announcing the availability of its all new Remote Access Solution, specially designed for secure and efficient Connectivity via the secure internet.

Akeydor ( enables Operators to securely and efficiently access remote machines and devices over LAN (TCP/IP), but also over the newly released web based technology developed to securely connect devices over the internet for the secure transfer of data and control of remote machines.

Web-based Remote Access:
Through a secure central hub, it is possible to manage network access and to provide remote support to networked devices. The Portal includes the newly released browser-based support console for lightweight, go-anywhere remote support and fast collaboration.

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From the newly released web based Remote Access portal, it only takes a few clicks to create your portal account, download a client on a target device and start using Remote Access.

Remote Support Software:

Reduce IT support costs and improve remote access security
Akeydor’s new Remote Control solution directly impacts your bottom line by enabling more efficient support, increasing end user and device uptime and improving overall satisfaction with your service desk. Both large enterprises and smaller businesses can take full advantage of the new web based Remote Control Solution.

Consolidate remote support:

Managing multiple remote support tools will lead to decreased efficiency and increased risk to your network. Savvy IT managers know that having consolidated access to all devices and platforms results in faster call resolution and lower maintenance challenges.

• Better efficiency – Our new Remote Support and Management Solution allows you to access any device from a single interface. With one tool, your agents have all they need at their fingertips.

• Lower maintenance – If you choose more than one remote access solution, you increase your workload in terms of installing upgrades and security patches.
Reduce the time required to maintain your tool set with just one Enterprise Corporate Remote Support Solution.
Support all your network devices
Akeydor’s new Remote Support and Management Solution is not just for support of end users and attended devices. Now the IT Operators can access all the devices in your environment from a single interface. A modular technology gives you a solution that flexes to meet the array of devices you support.

• Intel vPro support - Even with no operating system available, the new solution is able to connect to several systems with Intel vPro technology enabled, allowing out-of-band management of the system BIOS, including power cycle functions and the ability to boot from an operating system image.

• Faster resolution time - With superior platform support and flexible remote access connectivity options, you can reach more devices and users remotely, saving both time and money.

Flexible, secure remote access connectivity:

Akeydor’s new Remote Support and Management solution offers flexible options for remote access connectivity between your IT staff and target devices. Whether you need to reach desktops, thin clients or your virtualized environment, our new solution is compatible with common networking protocols. We can even provide bridging capabilities and single connection points between networks, including dial-up environments. When you need to reach devices and users outside the corporate network, we offer Internet-friendly connectivity via outbound communication, making it easy to traverse firewalls.

• Low-bandwidth environments – Akeydor’s new solution is designed to give you fast, agile connectivity in low-bandwidth environments. Our solution works effectively across legacy connections and includes a number of optimization tools for best performance.

• Connect from anywhere to anyone – The new solution overcomes connectivity issues with systems on unmanaged networks, and lets your IT staff connect from any location.

• Secure remote control compliant with industry standards

• Enterprise-class security architecture

• Broad platform support for end users and devices - including mobile devices, production technology and POS systems

• Scalable and flexible solution for complex environments

• Detailed audit trails, session recordings and multi-factor authentication

• Cloud-hosted access for vendors and mobile employees

Akeydor’s new Remote Support and Management Solution adds cloud-based services to our secure remote access solution. The new web based Operator module gives support teams go-anywhere remote control and a central location for managing all their accounts.

Remote Access Software Features:

- Remote support of laptops, workstations, servers, POS devices, embedded systems, and mobile devices.

- Broad platform support, including Windows, Mac and Linux.

- Fast screen transfer and full keyboard and mouse control

- A single support interface for both attended and unattended systems

- Offline lists of remote connections

- Help request notification

- User Features & Functions

- Remotely monitor machines and devices

- Communicate with end users through chat

- Push prepared responses and URL redirects

- Send and retrieve clipboard content

- Transfer files with two-way drag-and-drop, delta transfer and crash recovery

- Conduct collaborative remote control sessions with colleagues

- Use marker mode to create screen annotations

- Execute common Windows functions

- Lock the end user's keyboard and mouse

- Restrict applications and close displays for privacy
Customize and share hotkeys

- Share screens with customers

- Notify end users of restart, log-off, lock and shutdown
Administrative Features & Functions

- Manage system BIOS on computers with no active OS using Intel vPro support

- Manage system services, registry, processes and event logs

- Diagnose problems through a remote command prompt window

- Gather detailed information about hardware and software assets

- Store remote connections in a customized hierarchy

- Define a list of common applications, documents and web resources to be launched remotely

- Send messages to one or more users

- Create and save snapshots of the remote machine

- Redirect application ports through a secure tunnel to maintain compliance when managing GUI-less systems
Automate programs and tasks

Our approach to Remote Access Security:
Akeydor’s customers select secure remote access tools. We understand the challenges presented by managing diverse IT environments – our technology allows you to increase connectivity without compromising your security. With market-leading encryption, multi-factor authentication and complete logging of remote access, we can help you maintain compliance and implement best security practices.

Four steps to secure remote access:

1. Secure the line
Companies can manage remote access through their own servers, ensuring that corporate security policies are not compromised. Akeydor puts companies in complete control of their own data and security. Akeydor’s solution also provides additional secure connectivity options – including cloud services. All remote access traffic uses market-leading, 256-bit AES encryption and dynamic key exchange using the Diffie-Hellman method, with key lengths up to 2048 bits to protect your company and your data.

2. Manage user access
Target devices must impose criteria for accepting incoming invitations. Manage user access means setting the criteria for acceptance of invitations. Akeydor allows companies to select a variety of access criteria: MAC/IP address checks, closed user groups, callback verification and end-user approval. Akeydor also integrates with the authentication scheme deployed on our customers’ networks and supports multi-factor authentication through SMS tokens, soft tokens & challenge-based tokens.

3. Manage user rights
Different users need different access profiles. Akeydor enables companies to define users’ rights and functionality to the smallest detail. Some remote control products allow organizations to manage user access rights, but not all provide centralized management. With Akeydor’s new solution, companies can centrally manage access settings and user rights throughout their networks instead of configuring each device individually.

4. Document all activity
Akeydor gives you the most thorough audit trails available. Our new solution gives companies extensive logging and video recording of remote control sessions. A benchmark for standards compliance, complete logging and documentation of remote access activities in your network can’t be overlooked as part of your security strategy.

"Akeydor's new Remote Support and Management solution brings a new era in the Global Secure Remote Control industry, for a variety of devices and environments: PCs, Servers, Windows CE based systems & machinery as well as Android Devices. We are bringing a truly robust, efficient and speedy software product to our Partners and Customers worldwide", says Michael Chatzilias, CEO of Akeydor Group.

Akeydor Limited is a Global Distributor of Secure and Robust Software Technologies, Systems and Devices, which assist organizations take control over their systems and maintain a high level of IT integrity.

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