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Joining a gym has undoubted advantages to a person’s well-being, but there are other ways you can be more active

4D Fitness, who have a team of personal trainers across the UK, comment on tips on a newspaper website which displays basic ways everyone can become more active cheaply and effectively.

Doing regular exercise is essential to having a healthy lifestyle and doing simple daily tasks can help people become fitter in underestimated ways.

While going on long distance runs and joining a gym are highly beneficial to your health, basic actions are also very important in boosting happiness, according to the Guardian.Joining a gym has undoubted advantages to a person’s well-being, but there are other ways you can be more active.

If you regularly commute to work it is worth walking up the stairs of an elevator rather than standing on the right-hand side patiently waiting to move up a floor. A journal published in 2012 which focused on energy expenditure discovered that you burn 88 calories when walking one mile compared to 112 lost when running this distance.

Government health documents have recommended people to get off before the last stop of their train or bus journey and walk the remainder of their journey. This is a type of exercise which can be abandoned in favour of a convenient online supermarket shop, but this works both your arms and legs. If you live in walking distance to a food supplier then travelling on foot can boost your fitness.

Although helping people directly benefits others it should have a positive effect on you when doing physically demanding jobs such as assisting friends and family when they move house. These examples prove that decent exercise does not have to require changing your clothing or significant alterations to your lifestyle.

A spokesperson for 4D Fitness, a UK personal training and fitness consultancy company, released a statement following the recommendations listed on the Guardian’s website. They said: “These suggestions prove have simple it is to become healthier by making more of an effort in your journey to work or when you do something as basic as walking to the shops.

“Doing these sorts of activities is worthwhile, but joining a gym means you are more likely to do more vigorous and organised exercise which use a large number of muscles. Our expert trainers help everyone improve gradually every week, giving our clients immense confidence and drive to continue exercising.”

4D Fitness are a UK-based personal training and fitness company who educate their clients about the science behind taught exercises. Established in 1998, 4D Fitness develop qualified trainers so they can support people training for marathons, those aiming to lose weight, over 65’s and groups with more bespoke fitness objectives.

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