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Trust Deed Scotland

“The move towards abolishing poll tax debt will certainly alleviate the pressure of age-old debt

Leading providers of debt advice, Trust Deed Scotland, has commented on the recent discussion regarding poll tax write-offs in Scotland.

John Swinney, Deputy First Minister of Scotland, has openly criticised councils who pledged to use the unprecedented levels of registration from the independence referendum vote to chase down hidden poll-tax dodgers. To prevent any potential referendum voters from being scared off by warnings from the council, the former first minister Alex Salmond announced he would write off any outstanding debt. The pledge will take its first steps in Holyrood with the first stage of the Community Charge Debt Bill today.

Mr Swinney, speaking ahead of the debate stated: “The poll tax was the worst piece of legislation that the Westminster Government every inflicted on Scotland. A Tory Government, that Scotland had rejected, imposed the tax on Scotland and – as was confirmed very recently – they were determined that Scotland be a guinea pig for their disastrous tax experiment.”

On the topic of poll-tax debtors being tracked down using the referendum, Mr Swinny argued: “It cannot be right that people fear being on electoral registers because of decades-old debt relating to a discredited and unjust tax. Nor is it right that some of the few people paying off poll-tax debt are the poorest in society. On current trends, we are very soon going to be reaching a point where the cost of trying to collect the remaining unpaid council tax exceeds the dwindling sums that are actually collected.”

As experts in Scottish debt, Trust Deed Scotland takes a great interest in relevant industry news. A spokesperson from the company made the following statement: “The move towards abolishing poll tax debt will certainly alleviate the pressure of age-old debt from those who a truly suffering financially in Scotland. Eliminating the poll-tax charges will also mean that government focus will be on collecting outstanding council tax debt, rather than wasting more time and money on a failed tax scheme. Those who are struggling to pay their council tax debt and are unsure how to move forward should contact a debt advisory service for extra support.”

Trust Deed Scotland Ltd is a leading debt advisory service for Scottish residents. They are 100% owned and operated in Scotland, with a 98% trustpilot rating owing to their free, qualified debt advice. They are able to advise on the suitability of Trust Deeds and a number of alternatives, including The Debt Arrangement Scheme, Debt consolidation and Sequestration

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