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Cognitive functions such as learning, intelligence, motor skills and memory are enhanced by being physically active

Physical activity is said to improve young adult’s brain activity according to journal Psychophysiology, written by a University of Otago Psychology lecturer. 4D Fitness comment on the research.

New studies show how regular exercise has a positive effect on the functionality of brains in young adults who performed better than those who did not have a regular fitness routine on cognitive tasks. Fifty-two women aged between 18 and 30 completed cognitive tests on computers as their oxygen availability in the frontal lobe of the brain was measured.

The inspiration for this research by Dr. Liana Machado came from the senior lecturer noticing how students appeared to become less physically fit during her employment at the university. Her results found out that younger women who regularly exercised had larger amounts of oxygen available in the frontal lobe of their brain.

Dr. Machado said: "This provides compelling evidence that regular exercise, at least 5 days per week, is a way to sharpen our cognitive ability as young adults - challenging the assumption that living a sedentary lifestyle leads to problems only later in life."

Cognitive functions such as learning, intelligence, motor skills and memory are enhanced by being physically active and participating in activities such as sports from a young age. Near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) was used to measure people’s brain oxygen supply while they were tested.

A spokesperson for 4D Fitness, a British-based fitness company, reacted to the findings of Dr. Machado’s study. They said: “The benefits of exercise are again made crystal clear detailed research and the fact this study has been planned and executed at a reputable university gives the findings even more credibility.

“Exercising is not just beneficial for your health, but your learning across a number of ways, so it will be of help to everyone who is regularly active. Even if you are not planning on competing for a sports team or running a marathon, the positive effect it has on learning and development is highlighted by the University of Otago study.”

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