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Book: Babyopathy - baby care the natural


The Must Have Baby Manual for Pregnant & New Mums

Author, Angela J Spencer, would like to wish HRH The Duchess of Cambridge a very Happy Mother's Day with a copy of her book, Babyopathy - baby care the natural way, on its way to the Royal Palace.

This book is not just another manual that tells you week by week what a baby should be doing or a book that is going to leave you frustrated and feeling like a failure by trying to follow its regime.

It gives pregnant and new mums the sensory tools and knowledge to ensure their baby has the best start in life and how to enhance the family environment.

It is a nature and sensory based lifestyle programme for you and your baby that is vital to the 'natural' development of your baby and a harmonious home life for you and your family. In addition, it is good back to basics, common sense advice that you NEED to know.

The book is supported by 3 beautiful Mum-to-be products; Body Moisturiser, Massage Oil and Hand & Foot Scrub. With scents rooted in mandarin and neroli these wonderful products will not only soften and moisturise skin but leave mum feeling energised and ready for the day ahead. Most mum-to-be products are designed to be relaxing, which is great, but pregnancy can make us tired enough and sometimes we need something to give us a little lift and ready for anything!

One in six mums admitted, in a survey commissioned by Nurofen for Children, to not enjoying motherhood until their child had passed their first birthday. 52% felt that they had lost their identity, 35% missed leaving the house and going to work, 52% felt that they had to find new friends and 24% found breastfeeding a challenge. This is just what they admitted to, I am sure many would add that they had moments of desperation, moments of walking away from their crying baby and moments where they wanted to ‘give their baby back’.

These are some of the problems that 20-year veteran of the nursery profession and author, Angela Spencer, hopes to address in Babyopathy (GBP 19.99, US 33.95, EUR 25.00 Panoma Press).

Angela offers a welcome a welcome relief for parents looking for a stress-free, natural approach to parenting, whilst also highlighting the problems that technology can have on the development of children.

She explains:
“Many baby and child books and teachings promote a regimented practice that quite often results in extremely stressed parents and babies, or a free will attitude with no boundaries and no stimulation resulting in parents unable to control their children and children with no self-control. This can develop into a reliance on technology as an ‘easy’ way of parenting, but can have a detrimental effect on children as a result.

None of these programmes are ensuring a healthy balance of child/adult initiated experiences or routines with freedom of expression and individuality or, most importantly, sufficient support and reassurance to parents. As a new mum I felt let down by the lack of reliable and valid information and support, but I was lucky enough to have my own mother close by. Her help, combined with the knowledge I had gained from my time as owner of the nurseries, helped me greatly, but I know many don’t have anyone to turn to for advice.

I hope Babyopathy will help these parents and make them feel more confident in the choices they make, from pregnancy right through their child’s early years.”


"Angela has drawn on her huge experience of childcare to produce a unique book to get everyone thinking, from mums and dads to professionals and policy makers" Dr David Maddams - Hertfordshire GP

Babyopathy launched on 24th October 2014. The book is published by Panoma Press and is available on Amazon UK and US.


About Angela Spencer
Author of Babyopathy

Angela J Spencer has owned and operated children’s nurseries for over 20 years, opening her first in 1993 at the age of 21. After neither of her children slept through the night for their first three years, Angela decided to research deeper into child development and everything that can nurture or have an adverse effect on it. This research quickly took the route of sensory stimulation and her first programme called Natural Care was introduced in 2000.

The research did not stop there, however, and from using her own natural imagery within the nurseries, Angela began researching the impact of the natural world on development and came across the Biophilia Hypothesis.

Further extensive research on how both this hypothesis and sensory stimulation naturally combined could have a direct positive effect not just on babies’ development after birth but also whilst in the womb, led to the creation of Angela’s new programmes: Babyopathy for pregnancy, birth and the first year and Nascuropathy – one year and beyond!



What were your motivations for writing the book?

When I first thought about writing this book, I knew what I didn’t want it to be and that’s just another manual that tells you week by week what a baby should be doing. I wanted parents to have some of the back to basics information that seems to be missing nowadays, I wanted to share my 20 years in the nursery profession and the programme that I introduced into my nurseries.

I wanted parents to feel that they were supported, were valued and did not have to live up to someone else’s ideals of what their baby should be. I also wanted to empower parents again into being what is best for their baby, to give them the tools to help their baby develop as they should.

What do you feel the message of your book is and why is it different from other books on the market?

Other books create a 'regime' for parents to follow which is generally unrealistic and can cause new mums especially to feel inadequate. My book is about giving parents the tools to find their own journey with their baby as every baby is unique and will not follow a 'perfect routine'

What is the main goal of releasing this book?

I very much hope that parents will see this book as not only an essential tool to enabling them to have a much easier time with their pregnancy and baby's first year but also to give them the information that so many parents seem to miss out on.


Copies of the book are available for competitions or giveaways.

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Angela is able to offer consultations to readers and is also available to write articles/advice for pubications/websites. Angela is also available for TV/Radio interviews.

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