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Redilamp in outdoor setting

Make the Most of this Summer with Redilamp Cordless Lamps

Make the Most of this Summer with Redilamp Cordless Lamps

Redilamp brings an innovative and contemporary way of lighting your home and garden this summer with a revolutionary, environmentally friendly cordless lamp.

This self-sufficient portable lamp is not restricted by trailing electricity cables or plugs. This means you can use it just about anywhere inside or outside your home. Redilamp makes a great dining lamp, creating the perfect ambiance over dinner or as an outdoor lamp suitable for barbecues and Al Fresco dining. With dimmable lighting settings it is also ideal as a nursery or child´s room lamp, as well as a general bedside table lamp. It is also very useful in a power cut.

A Stylish Solution

Using high quality ceramics and stainless steel, a Redilamp is a stylish solution to cordless lighting in your home. With four different light settings, choose the level of brightness with one simple touch. Your Redilamp can be placed on any convenient surface and provide dimmable lighting using high efficiency LED bulbs.

Shade to Suit

With a range of shade colours and the choice of square or traditional style, there’s a shade to suit any décor. Lamps are supplied with the shade of your choice although the standard E14 fitting enables any suitable shade to be used.

Redilamp is:

Practical and easy to use
Rechargeable – up to seven days use on one charge
Highly cost effective
Environmentally friendly
Portable – can be used anywhere
Available in a range of shade colours and styles


Use for seven days of continuous lighting on the lowest setting before recharging, which means there’s no need to worry about being close to a charging point.

Redilamp use advanced Ni-MH rechargeable batteries and recharging takes just five hours with the supplied charger.

Brightness is controlled using the low, medium and high brightness touch switch. A full charge gives 168 hours on the low setting and 12 hours of use on the high setting.

Redilamp is extremely economical too. A Redilamp used on the ‘high’ brightness setting for five hours per day costs just 12p a month to charge. This compares very favourably with the cost of decorative candles and other forms of lighting.


Notes for editors:

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Tel: 00 351 919939927

About Redilamp

Redilamp is a European based designer and manufacturer of handmade cordless lamps for the hospitality industry and the home.

Redilamp rechargeable cordless lamps are manufactured from high quality ceramics and stainless steel.
The high efficiency LED bulb emits very little heat and has a lifetime of over 15 years. The 2500mAh NiMH rechargeable battery gives up to 168 hours of continuous light with each charge.

Technical information


Lamp base Glazed Ceramic/Stainless Steel

Battery Rechargeable NiMH 12 Volts 2500 mA, Over-discharge protected. User replaceable.

Led Bulb Redilamp dimmable 12 Volts 3W 2700ºK (Warm White)

Charger 500 mA NiMH Smart Charger.

Lamp Duration 12 to 168 hours - dependent on user setting.

Charging Time 5 Hours for full charge

Dimensions 156Wx156Dx250H

Weight 1,1kg

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