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Jonathan Guy Lewis and Simon de Cintra

The aim is a shift in the collective consciousness of a group, and small but high-impact changes in behaviour being implemented ‘in public’

Expert coach Simon de Cintra discusses how changing training can keep the UK competitive

The UK is the world’s largest net exporter of financial services with a £47 billion trade surplus, and London is regularly rated the top global financial services centre, according to a November 2013 report by the City of London Corporation. One reason for that is that many businesses excel because they continue to invest in the training of individuals and reap the associated benefits.

One thing that academics, psychologists and business leaders all appear to agree on is that developing people using training is a positive business decision. It motivates people, keeps the best talent on board, aligns the workforce to company goals and feeds the supply of future leaders.

Training can be an effective answer to time, revenue and productivity stealers such as poor communication skills, lack of direction or feedback from leaders and resistance to change.

A constant challenge facing the training industry is keeping content fresh and interesting. Expert coach and former American Express executive Simon de Cintra believes that a radical new approach is needed.

“Many clients want employees to be more connected to their emotions but don’t want to put them in uncomfortable training situations, which can serve to disengage people straight away.

“Training often encounters resistance. Imagine how you would feel if you were attending a workshop on managing change, improving personal impact or having difficult conversations, just because you were told to do so rather than choosing to do so.

“Our research shows that it is very difficult for those responsible for organising events to find training options that are both educational and entertaining.

“At CorporActLive, we’ve taken a new approach: short, thought-provoking live events that use humour and empathy to open people’s minds in a controlled environment.

“When you have a team that works together in a stressful environment, the benefits of getting everyone laughing together and engaged cannot be understated.”

Becoming self-aware within the privacy of their own minds

Simon de Cintra continued, “Our approach relies on traditional performance, which allows our audience to descend into a state of acceptance and become self-aware within the privacy of their own minds, so to speak.

“The aim is a shift in the collective consciousness of a group, and small but high-impact changes in behaviour being implemented ‘in public’ as a result.”

Because there is less need to introduce the course at the beginning given that unexpected content is essential, CorporActLive runs training events that rarely last for longer than a couple of hours. The events work on the same premise as observational comedy – that people reach acceptance and openness quickest and most comfortable at a distance, in private, with an open mind and without judgement.

The company offers live ‘performance style’ learning events, including:

Rock and a Hard Place, written by Christoph & Ana-Marie Bamberger, helps people to come to terms with change, and would be ideally suited to a business which has recently undergone a merger or those undergoing restructuring.

My First Trainers, written by Simon de Cintra, improves personal impact and communication skills throughout the business. It focuses on when the how of the message delivery is equally or arguably more important than the what of the content.

CorporActLive also offers other workshops, simulation exercises and movies, plus one-on-one coaching.

Running from 2PM to 4PM on Thursday October 1 & Friday October 2 2015, CorporActLive is inviting Learning & Development professionals and colleagues to attend a taster session of their live shows ‘Rock and a Hard Place’ and ‘My First Trainers’ at So & So Arts Club, 6 St Frederick’s Place, London EC2R 8JQ.

In the informal events, Simon de Cintra plus actor, writer, director and business partner Jonathan Guy Lewis and others will introduce the training events and explain how they work. There will be plenty of opportunities for informal interaction and discussion.

A video explaining what CorporActLive do can be found here.

For tickets, please contact George Murdoch at or 07834 643 977.

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Journalists are welcome to attend the taster sessions.

Media information provided by Famous Publicity. For more information, please contact:

George Murdoch at or 07834 643 977.
Tina Fotherby at or 07703 409 622.


CorporActLive is a new development from the team at Act Naturally.

It works with clients in a wide range of industry sectors, including retail, public sector, financial institutions, multi-media and broadcasting.

The company’s methodology and approach draws on the combined skills of our facilitators and coaches in acting and directing, public speaking and corporate senior management.

This combination of genuine corporate management and creative performing arts experience enables CorporActLive to offer a ‘complete piece of mind’ training & development curriculum.

The founders, Simon de Cintra and Jonathan Guy Lewis both work professionally as actors & directors, as well as regular associate tutors of the iOpener Institute on the MBA Skills programmes at the London Business School and at CASS.

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