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Simon de Cintra in Rock and a Hard Place

M&A failures can be due to something as simple as people’s resistance to change

Expert coach and corporate trainer Simon de Cintra addresses issue

A report published in the journal Transaction Advisors in April 2015 shows that in 2014 mergers and acquisitions (M&A) deal activity in Europe reached its highest level since the financial crisis, with a total value of $910.4 billion (£584.2 billion) – a rise of 40.5% from 2013.

Inbound M&A, which refers to deals in which companies from outside Europe merge with or acquire companies from within Europe, surged to its highest level since 2001: $320.6 billion (£207.8 billion).

A lack of cultural compatibility has been identified as a major reason that many mergers have underperformed in the past, according to Thomas Straub’s 2007 book ‘Reasons for Frequent Failure in Mergers and Acquisitions’.

With such high numbers of UK businesses being acquired by foreign companies, business leaders need to be able to make the transition as seamless as possible to ensure success.

Change management experts Simon de Cintra and Jonathan Guy Lewis of CorporACTLive understand the unique challenge of adapting a business following a merger or acquisition and have identified it as one of the areas that can benefit most from training that helps individuals come to terms with change.

Simon de Cintra said, “M&A failures can be due to something as simple as people’s resistance to change. If a workforce isn’t properly aligned then it isn’t working to its full potential.

“If employees are sceptical about being merged with or acquired by another company, conventional methods of training such as role-play or group discussion may well create further resistance.

“Unlike any other corporate training business, we base our activity on the same premise as observational comedy, meaning that people reach acceptance and openness quickest and most comfortably at a distance, in private, with an open mind and without judgement.

“Our approach relies on traditional performances by world-class actors, which allow our audience to descend into a state of acceptance and become self-aware within the privacy of their own minds, so to speak.

“The aim is a shift in the collective consciousness of a group, and small but high-impact changes in behaviour being implemented ‘in public’ as a result. Our style is purposefully disruptive.”

Simon de Cintra continued, “Our events are short, thought-provoking live shows that use humour and empathy to open people’s minds in a controlled environment.

“By entertaining our audience we engage them and are less likely to encounter resistance, which training events sometimes fall prey to.”

Because there is less need to introduce the course at the beginning given that unexpected content is essential, CorporActLive runs training events that rarely last for longer than a couple of hours.

The company offers live ‘performance-style’ learning events including:

Rock and a Hard Place, written by Christoph & Ana-Marie Bamberger, helps people to come to terms with change, and would be ideally suited to a business which has recently undergone a merger or those undergoing restructuring.

My First Trainers, written by Simon de Cintra, improves personal impact and communication skills throughout an organisation.

CorporACTLive also offers other workshops, simulation exercises and movies, plus one-to-one coaching.

Running from 2PM to 4PM on Thursday October 1 2015, CorporACTLive is inviting Learning & Development professionals and colleagues to attend a taster session of their live shows ‘Rock and a Hard Place’ and ‘My First Trainers’ at So & So Arts Club, 6 St Frederick’s Place, London EC2R 8JQ.

In the informal events, Simon de Cintra plus actor, writer, director and business partner Jonathan Guy Lewis and others will introduce the training events and explain how they work. There will be plenty of opportunities for informal interaction and discussion.

A video explaining what CorporActLive do can be found here:

For tickets and further information, please contact George Murdoch at or 07834 643 977.

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Journalists are welcome to attend the taster session.

Media information provided by Famous Publicity. For more information, please contact:

George Murdoch at or 07834 643 977.
Tina Fotherby at or 07703 409 622.


CorporACTLive is a new development from the team at Act Naturally Ltd.

It works with clients in a wide range of industry sectors, including retail, public sector, financial institutions, multi-media and broadcasting.

The company’s methodology and approach draws on the combined skills of our facilitators and coaches in acting and directing, public speaking and corporate senior management.

This combination of genuine corporate management and creative performing arts experience enables CorporACTLive to offer a ‘complete piece of mind’ training & development curriculum.

The founders, Simon de Cintra and Jonathan Guy Lewis both work professionally as actors & directors, as well as regular associate tutors of the iOpener Institute on the MBA Skills programmes at the London Business School and at CASS.

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