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Riding on a crest of a wave!

London 7 October 2015 The 20th October 2015 sees the publication of a new Ramion collection
‘Seas of Ramion’, fantasy adventure stories for children and everyone who is young at heart. Written and illustrated by Frank Hinks it is published in hard back embossed in gold, a book to enjoy and treasure.
Sometimes it is nice to put the kindle and tablet away and enjoy hearing the pages turn and the smell unique to traditional reading

What’s inside?


The first story is The Kingdom of the Deep. The witch Griselda is in need of a holiday. She rejects her pet skull Boris’s suggestion of the south of France, and tells him that they will go and stay with her cousin Veronica in Morgan Castle in the south of Wales. But before leaving, she magically changes the holiday plans of the boys and their parents.

Elizabeth de Jagger
"'The Kingdom of the Deep' has to be one of the most amusing, wonderfully illustrated and quirky books I've ever had the opportunity to review. The author, Frank Hinks, has a high humour factor in this little book and I was giggling to myself on the train and at work whilst I was reading it, There is an almost "over the top"-ness about the boys' adventures that make you throw caution to the wind and you just have to run with the story."


The second story is The Blizzard Wizard. One touch of the Blizzard Wizard and body, mind and spirit turn to ice. With the unwitting help of foolish Cloud 9 the Princess of the Night frees the Blizzard Wizard from prison and he turns the Garden and the Gardener and with the Garden the whole of Ramion into ice. Scene succeeds scene with a rapidity of action that makes this story suitable for children with the most minimal of attention spans.

“Frank Hinks’ invention Ramion, a place where anything could happen and does - pulls together all the classic elements essential to keep children interested, in fine style. Great stuff.”


The third story is The Body Collector. Longing to dance and swim, Boris the skull wants his body back but cannot remember where he lost it! When Griselda and Boris visit the Body Collector nothing works out as they expect.

Robin Stuart-Clark Readers’ Forum Book Club says of ‘THE BODY COLLECTOR’, "The irrepressible Frank Hinks strikes again in his latest book, ‘The Body Collector’. Number 15 in the Ramion Series Collection, 'The Body Collector' is as fresh and funny and exciting as Book 1, The Land of Lost Hair.Here Boris the Skull is allowed his own flight of fancy: to find his body. Told in simple, no-nonsense, take-it-or-leave it language, Boris’ quest is a story demanding giggles and guffaws.And the illustrations are better and brighter and funnier than ever. I wonder if I should have a duvet day and read the whole series from start to finish?"
Robin Stuart-Clark

Look out for ‘The Dream Thief’ the next & 17th story in the Ramion collection written and illustrated by Frank Hinks. To be published in 2016!!

About the author

Frank Hinks Author and Illustrator

Frank is married to Susan Haire, abstract painter and sculptor, and has three children, Julius, Alexander and Benjamin who inspired the Ramion stories and are the central characters. When not writing about or illustrating magical lands, Frank is a Chancery QC and a keen rock and roll dancer! Since he was a child, Frank Hinks dreamed of becoming a writer and when his children were born he finally had an audience for his storytelling.

The Ramion adventures started with his oldest son Julius giving him the first line of a story at bedtime each night and leaving him to take it over without any idea where it was going. These stories evolved into the books that are now available with his own colour illustrations. He has produced around 500 full page gouache paintings for 16 stories and is now working on story number 17 The Dream Thief in which the boys have to rescue their mother’s dream of being an artist.

Notes to the editor:

Title Seas of Ramion
Series A collection of three published stories available on one hard back book
Author name Frank Hinks
ISBN 978-1-909938-01-4.
Publishing date 20 October 2015
Price £9.99
Backing format Hard Back
Pages: 240
Reading age: 7+
Publisher Perronet Press
Books available from Gazelle Distribution:
Tel +44 (0) 1524 68765; Fax +44 (0) 1524 63232
Media contact d’Image. Jacqui MacCarthy T:01628 522982

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