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Poinsettias ARE cool!

they should last until Christmas, and after that, just chuck it away!

Sales are rising, British-grown are booming, they come in crazy colours and are set to make a haute-couture splash on International Poinsettia Day!

Amid claims in a recent report from Thompson & Morgan claiming poinsettias have fallen out of fashion in the UK, Stars for Europe are hitting back with news that in fact the classic Christmas plant is far from it with a 15% increase in UK sales last year. One reason is that more people are buying British grown (British Bake Off, British Sewing Bee... everyone wants British these days!) and in fact home-grown poinsettias are known to be of amazing quality.

And even if the standard red ones don’t do it for you, fear not! Because poinsettias actually come in incredible spattered varieties plus white and coral colours. If you follow a few care guidelines (#1 remember they HATE cold and draughts so keep away from doors and windows) then they should last until Christmas, and after that, just chuck it away! No one says they’re meant to last forever, it wouldn’t be a Christmas plant if it did.

BUT to save any hassle at all you could just grab a cut poinsettia bouquet from your local florist, or even a certain high-end supermarket are selling them online this year. They’re gorgeous and festive and will last in a vase just like a regular bunch of flowers. If you want to cut your own check out the special technique below.

International Poinsettia Day falls on December 12th and this year top stylish London florists Okishima & Simmonds are creating a spectacular couture dress entirely out of poinsettia in celebration, revealing the versatility of this classic symbol of Christmas in a fresh and sensational way.

How to Care for your Poinsettia

• Inspect before buying. Dense foliage and yellow-green flower buds are a sign of freshness. Don’t take any standing in breezy entrance areas.

• Keep them in a bright, warm spot (around 20° C). They can even be close to a radiator, but not in direct sunlight or near draughts – so keep away from open doors and windows.

• Don’t overwater them by leaving a pool of water in bottom of the pot or saucer they’re sitting in. Only water when the soil is almost dry (preferably with lukewarm water).

• To keep your poinsettia going long after the festive season, do not fertilize during its flowering period. Afterwards, fertilize monthly using conventional nutrients.

• To produce colourful leaves for years to come, keep the plant in complete darkness for at least twelve hours per day for several weeks.

Did you know?

• Poinsettias got their name from Joel Roberts Poinsett, the man who introduced them to the US in 1828.

• Poinsettia Day is 12 December, commemorating the death of Poinsett on 12 December 1851.

• Poinsettias originate from Mexico and have been associated with Christmas since the 16th century.

• Poinsettias are not just red! You can get them in cream, pink and vintage apricot.

• Poinsettias make great cut flowers. Immerse the stems in hot water for 20 seconds and they’re good to go!

• Poinsettias are grown in black-out conditions for days so that they develop their colourful leaves.

• Poinsettias are non-toxic, but still not recommended as a snack.

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Please note that the images of the Poinsettia Dress will be released at the beginning of December but are embargoed until International Poinsettia Day on Saturday 12 December 2015.

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