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An increasing demand for workers in the 3D printing sector is bringing hope to the technology industry. This comes at a time when the advance of technology looks to be making many jobs obsolete, and many people are worried - but the growth of 3D printing is now signalling a brighter future for jobs in the industry than previously predicted.

Considering 3D printing is such a new and growing sector, it can be difficult to find jobs in it, but some online businesses have emerged that believe they have a solution to this. One such company is 3D Printed Jobs, a specialised online platform aiming to provide the missing link between wanting a job in 3D printing, and finding one. According to a 3D Printed Jobs spokesperson: "Whether you already have the skill and the talent, or you simply want to find out more, 3D Printed Jobs is your one-stop shop for employment opportunities in this new, exciting and growing sector." The premise of sites such as this one is simple:...

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