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Balance EP (2015) Cover Artwork

XO the Rebellion's debut independent release 'Balance EP’ is of the most part a collaboration between Minarmy Producer Hilton (Dot Rotten, Ed Sheeran) and the vocals, concepts, visuals and occasional instrumentation work (the violin and piano on the track Reflections for instance) of Stephen 5N6, Todd DN1 and Closure 7VN who are the alphanumeric sum which makes up XO the Rebellion.

The trio of creative and highly skilled British rappers who all come from Luton Town (close to the north of London) are also singers, songwriters and musicians who display their talents well on this incredibly detailed release. 5N6 handles much of the mixing and tracking of their work in-house as well as the directing and editing of their cinematic and often CGI laden visuals which have featured on Link Up TV and their own YouTube channel.

For less than five pounds sterling you get six powerful full length 808 driven, modern and soulful hip hop tracks which feature a broad...

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