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Workshop session at Milton Keynes

Seminar and workshop from ABB Robotics provides you with the know-how to assess the potential of robotic automation, and shows how a switch to robots can help transform your profitability.

ABB Robotics will be presenting a simple approach to introducing robot automation at a combined seminar and workshop event at its Milton Keynes offices on Wednesday 5th November 2014. Aimed especially at UK SMEs, the event will provide a simple step-by-step guide to introducing robot automation to the factory floor.

The seminar will be built around the simple question ‘How do you know if you need a robot?’ It will start by outlining the key questions that need to be asked in order to identify whether installing a robot could be beneficial. These include assessing current performance around productivity, health and safety, quality and resource utilisation.

It will then explain how the information gathered can be used to help formulate an automation...

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