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Sandy Docherty Burgess Small Animal Show

Former Great British Bake Off contestant Sandy Docherty took part in a bonkers bake off for bunnies at the Burgess Premier Small Animal Show this weekend, whipping up wild food for rabbits at the show’s first-ever cookery demo.

Rather than impress the Bake Off judges, the amateur baker showed of her skills to a much fluffier panel of experts as she cooked for the region’s rabbits, alongside Burgess Pet Care’s expert vet nutritionist Suzanne Moyes – displaying all the wit and charm that made her name on the hit BBC 2 show.

Sandy and Suzanne caused quite a stir with their nutritious nibbles for rabbits at the cookery theatre on January 30 and 31 at the Yorkshire Event Centre, Harrogate – cooking up a forage-friendly version of Burgess’s latest specialist product Nature’s Blend – a nugget food for rabbits made from wild hedgerow ingredients, with probiotics and Lucerne extract. Read full release

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