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Mark Hannaford and Paul Conroy

Hope Hospital, which was set up and supplied following the People’s Convoy in December 2016, has opened and is now the world’s first crowdfunded hospital.

Mark Hannaford, a Devon local, was involved in the convoy and his firm Across the Divide provided the logistical support that it would need in its 2,600 mile journey from the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, London to the Turkey / Syria border, where the supplies were handed to local partners.

After targeting £91,000 for the convoy, organisers CanDo received an overwhelming response from members of the public, raising a final figure of £246,000, which will fund the setup and stocking of the hospital, and its running costs for the first six months.

Mark was joined on the convoy by fellow Devonian Paul Conlon, an ex-war photographer who was returning to Syria for the first time since he was badly injured in an attack that killed fellow journalists Marie Colvin and Remi Ochlik.
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