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MyndPlay, the creators of the world's first mind controlled media player and platform, have worked in conjunction with Plymouth Business School to develop a new app for students seeking employment. The Mission Job Hunter App highlights the level of focus required to make a successful job application.

The 11 minute app allows students, wearing the MyndPlay headset, to play the role of Steve. He’s a typical student, who is faced with a range of real life distractions including TV, Facebook and of course a teenager’s favourite – their bed! Working through a range of scenarios, controlled by their own brainwaves students, MyndPlay users will learn from mistakes and can revisit scenes in the app, thereby “retraining their brains” to behave in the optimum fashion.

Many students leave college full of confidence and optimism but faced with the current global economic climate, reality soon kicks in and many remain unemployed for several months after...

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