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Fieger glazed louvre during testing

Fieger UK, suppliers of glazed ventilators for prestige building projects, are celebrating a series of successful loading trials at the Lucideon test centre. Single, double and triple glazed variants of the louvres were tested in accordance with methods prescribed in BS6180:2011. All units underwent and passed a series of stringent point load, horizontal load and distributed load tests. The successful trials certify the units as meeting the standards for safe use as barriers on stairwells and apartment balconies.

In the most extreme test, the maximum deflection recorded was 16.37mm, well under a permitted movement of 25mm. This required the application of a 3kN point loading of a single glazed louvre at its most vulnerable centre point. “We are delighted with these results. To put the tests in perspective, the most severe test is equal to the entire weight of two 23 stone men concentrated on a very small area in the centre of one louvre. In reality, should anyone fall...

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