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Lower floor of restaurant and bar

Unique in London, Aladino’s stylish restaurant in Kensington offers its brand of fine Alexandrian cuisine, conveying the marriage of flavours by the most cosmopolitan city from antiquity to recent times.

After a long wait by its followers, Aladino’s Alexandrian restaurant has now opened at 38c Kensington Church street, W8 4BX. Aladin Barakat, acclaimed chef and restaurateur by Chaîne des Rôtisseurs and others for 18 years in Egypt, brings his own special flavours from his former Alexandrian restaurant where he received the who’s who of the Middle East.

The starters range from the traditional lentil soup (with Aladin’s twist) to his more modern famous prawns in delicately-flavoured crispy coating. The main dishes include supersize-zero okra cooked in garlic and coriander, beef cheeks accompanied by a rich peppercorn sauce, and his signature dish of lamb that has been marinated then slow-cooked to such a tender state that it melts in the mouth! He has...

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